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Help me improve my hunter

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Hello, Thank you in advance but could you possibly look at my WoL, stats and ensure they're correct and i'm doing the right things..


Also what spec is the best for hunter? I see people playing all different specs with survival being the most popular it seems, but i just want to make sure.







also what are the bis trinkets for hunter?

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First thing I notice on your logs that you need to change: serpent sting uptime. Get that as close to 100% as possible. As for what spec is best, both BM and SV are very close, so play whatever fits you best. Talent wise, blink strikes in really good for constant dps increase, espically for BM, and AMoC is good for burst damage. As for trinkets, AoC is incredible for all specs, and then harromms or detanator is good (I haven't acquired any trinkets from SoO yet so in just thinking out loud here).

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