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FROST : Question about Stats Weights and Critical Strike

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Hey everyone, as a frost mage, I have a question about my stats weights in BFA.

In every guide I have been reading, it is said that basicly :


2.Critical Strike (to 33.34%);*




6.Critical Strike (after 33.34%).


That being said, i intended first to maximise intellect (iLevel) and critical strike to reach the cap with my character. My actual gear is too low and  i am not even close to this cap (around 21% critical strike).

Althrougt, when I simc my character on raidbots, i noticed that my stats weights are completely different :





5.Critical Strike


So i was wondering if this stats priority for my character is normal, or if i was missing something… I have not reached that critical strike cap yet, so why is this stat so low ?


My Character :

Realm : EU - Drek'Thar

Name : Amonsaul



Sorry for my poor english.

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Critical Strike will actually maintain its value to 33.34%, regardless of what SimulationCraft's/Raidbot's stat weights say. The stat weights will show an apparent drop off as you near it, but this is simply an artifact of how the program determines weights. This can be seen by running a stat scaling plot with a fairly low step amount. Critical Strike should maintain value up until it hits the  Shatter cap, where it falls off to the lower value.

That being said, Critical Strike proc effects will skew this. They will cause an effective drop-off as you near 33.34% due to the nature of being Shatter capped for part of the fight, but not all. This issue is why simming gear changes, rather than relying on stat weights, is the best option in all cases.


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Thanks a lot for your answer.

I may have read a bit too fast the frost mage guide...

That being said, the artefact on the weight of the Critical Strike statistic seems to be present even with a small Critical Stricke value (i am only at 21%)...

Now i think i got it : I first have to focus on the Shatter Cap no matter what Raidbot's stat weights say.

Anyway Thank you again !



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Follow your sims. The shatter cap is unreachable right now (aside from reorigination array and deadly navigation and azerite procs) but it basically means once you hit the cap the value of crit drastically drops. You have so much crit now that apparently even mastery (our worst stat) is higher in value. 

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4 hours ago, Woofikins said:

Follow your sims. 

That is exactly the thing you don't wanna do with Frost. The guide (and my post) explains in detail as to why the sim results are wrong and crit will be your best stat until you reach Shatter cap.

While it is generally a good idea to keep a balance between secondaries, the point of deminishing returns for crit rating lies far beyond 50%* of your combined rating, meaning even if every single piece of your gear has crit on it, you are still in the green.

All that being said, even if you overshoot your cap, the difference in DPS is gonna be relatively small.

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*and by 50% I mean half of your combined rating. Not your crit chance.
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