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Touch of Karma using

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hello guys, first sorry if my language is not perfect. Second: maybe stupid question, but I'm beginner monk and need help ;) tell me when exactly you are using touch of karma on bosses on Uldir? I mean which mechanic on heroic /mythic don't need to avoid on several bosses? We are talking ofc about maximize dps ;)

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I don't like the ToK gameplay and it will be changed in 8.1 so that's a good thing. But since then here's how I use it. I only did Heroic so if you're doing Mythic, you may want to look at the damage of abilities before doing what I'm doing :)

Taloc : Get as close as possible of the tank during Cudgel of Gore then if you can stay in the Blood Storm (if you can't hit the boss it's not worth).

Mother : Either you're ballsy and you get hit by Purifying Flame (but more than 4 will one shot in Heroic+ you so if you have many melees, don't do that). Or get in front of the boss during Sanitizing Strike (even better if you can time it to the one just before you go through the gate).

Fetid : Shit boss for Karma. I put it on Putrid Paroxysm but it's RNG since you won't get it sometimes. Stomp don't do that much damage, the cleave do 300% damage so don't do that. I saw some monk using Provoke at the start of the fight to get hit once by the boss but I don't like to do that so I cry :)

Zek'Voz : Get in front of the boss during the first Void Lash, the timer is tight but you can even take the second one if you didn't use it too soon on the first.

Vectis : Nothing much there it's not a Karma fight. The thing you can do is try to stack 5+ during interphase so you will take a good amount of damage during Contagion. But healers will hate you for getting high stacks on purpose.

Zul Reborn : I use it during Dark revelation, put it on Zul before going far away. But since it's RNG, you can put it during another one Dark revelation and getting close to him. You can put it when you get the dot but it's not doing that much damage. Or put it on Zul and taunt a Crawg since they will probably stay alive a good amount of time due to the current subtelty meta.

Mythrax : Use it to absorb an Obliteration Blast (think to unstack with your orbs afterwards). You can use it on Imminent Ruin too, but it's RNG... You can put it on the N'raqi Destroyer and soak the Beam since it deals a lot of damage you won't have to stay a long time into it (problem is that the N'raqi Destroyer will probably die a long time before your dot will have done all its damage...

G'huun : You can use it in p1 to absorb damage coming from terrors. When you get Putrid Blood, it gets easier since it's constant damage. You may want to skip a Blood Feast to get 4 stacks and get full value of your ToK (healers will love you :/). If you are doing orbs (which is probably the case as monk), don't get 4 stacks before your orb or you will probably die.

You can see it's a pretty shitty thing they put on us as it's almost 15% of our theorical damage and we almost never use it 100% (since we have to wait for abilities and this ability will mostly not consume it totally).

Hope it helps, except that part, ww is fun :)


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