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Frost. Another whine about low DPS.

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I stick to 1213133 talents on most bosses. I've tried other builds but they weren't any better.

A rotation that used:

Frozen orb if our of cd. Icy veins if out of cd and it's possible to damage (I don't use it on Taloc lift phase, MOTHER in empty room etc). Comet storm when out of cd.

Frostbolt as filler, IL during FoF proc.

Brain freeze on 3 or less icicles: frostbolt - flurry - IL; is ignored on 4 icicles; on icicles: GS - flurry - IL.

IL  without FoF and flurry with brain freeze proc if I have to move and damage (second phase on vectis or when I need to move from the raid with debuff).

The problems:

While simulated DPS is quite high (~12700 @ 7 min patchwerk on raidbots) the real DPS is much weaker.

As an example here is my yesturday Mythic Taloc: my char is Тиакиаль and has only 8600 DPS. The other fmage with the nick Айтэн has 11.3k. Moreover while I have only 194 casts he has 239. I have used wowanalyser also and it shows almost 30% of downtime. Also it show that only half of my IL utilize shatter combo. I swear though that I try to cast it every time I cast flurry.

The situation is much worse on other bosses that require switching targets or/and heavy movement.

I wonder if I do anything else wrong and what can I do with downtime/failed IL procs and what can I do with that. It really irritates because I believe I understand key aspects and am geared pretty good for heroic and mythic raid but show poor result.

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For movement, try not to tunnel so hard that you become a turret and sit still until the movement catches you off guard. For taloc you can see on the DBM timers that his debuff ability will come out soon. When you are casting you FB>flurry>IL, you have 2 instant cast spells that you are able to freely move. Also you could cast ice barrier as a spell while moving. Get into a habit of moving during the free GCDs.


As far as your procs you list the usage here correctly. However save your BF proc at 3+ icicles. And ONLY ebonbolt when you are at 5 icicles and no BF. Never any other time unless boss is gonna die and you cannot glacial spike. 

For logs, check your total ice lance casts. They should be ideally equal to the number of fingers of frost procs gained plus the number of flurry casted. Additionally flurry casts should equal the number of brain freeze gained. But with glacial spike this is more than likely not going to happen as we are saving them for GS. Minimize the number of unbuffed ice lances cast by moving during your combos instant casts and utilizing shimmer.

I am so tired now so i can't fully go into the log. But i see that the top mage has 2 icy veins casts while you have 1 (which you cast in the bottom phase of the elevator slightly before hero) and almost twice your FB. Ideally you could have had 3 since your fight was 6:41. The icy veins alone can contribute to the additional damage. He was running splitting ice also so if your guild was having multiple bloods spawn for extended periods he could get a major boost from that. 

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