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Boomkin Woundbinder Question

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14 hours ago, Negativity said:

Does ysera's gift from resto affinity talent proc haste from woundbinder?

even if it would (which from everything I could find out there doesn't seem to be the case) it only averages about 100 haste at iLvl 370 over the course of a fight, compared to 121 haste something like Lifespeed would give you. Turns out, it's actually 130, so it is comparable to Lifespeed in pure numbers. But since it's a proc and thus might go of when you can't utilize it, it is probably worse than any of the DPS traits. It's not a great trait, even for Resto.


Edited by jinsu2301
My initial math was completely wrong, it's actually not as bad as I thought.

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