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Hey all,


new to icy and i am a fresh MW monk who need some advice from you guys. 

I was running with a pug-group HC Uldir for the first time and someone posted a log from the first 3 bosses.

Am I really that bad? That was my first thoughts when i saw these numbers. 

What are amy general mistakes i did during healing the bosses? (Ok first boss i failed pretty hard by falling down the platform xD)

What improvements i can do to optimise my healing? Did i picked the wrong talents?

I would appriciate any feedback from you! Thank you in advance.

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Hey Kristii,

So you just didnt really use any mana.  This is due in part to the fact that your group was massively overhealing.  Your group has 13 people in it, and 4 of them are healers, when 2 would have sufficed.  Healing is a 0 sum game - there is a limited amount of healing that can be done at any moment, and you are competing with your other healers for it.

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