I need help :) please help me? (not with meds)

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I am only just reaching 10k dps on multi adds and 8-9 on single target, any insight as to whats holding me back would be most appreciated. As far as i know i'm using a normal spec, i follow IV and wowhead to choose my traits ect.

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The opener could use some work, I'd refer to the IV guide for that. Your AP is capped several times, try to always keep it below 90. Also, you need to manage your movement better. If you know you have to move soon, try pooling some AP to cast Starsurge while on the move. If nothing else, at least spam Moonfire while running.

With Streaking Stars, don't cast the same spell twice in a row during Incarnation.

I wouldn't use Nature's Balance. While it does generate more AP over time, the instant casts from Warrior of Elune result in more Streaking Stars damage as well as just flat-out more DPS on fights with adds.

There are also some minor gaps between your casts at times, especially during Bloodlust, make sure to "queue" your casts by pressing them a bit earlier (just before the previous cast has finished). Or just hammer the key, whatever works best for you.


Overall, there isn't anything terribly wrong with your playing. It's really just nitpicky stuff, but it can make a big difference. If haven't done so, set yourself up with some weakauras or TMW to track AP, empowerment stacks and when to renew your DoTs.

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