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Conceptualizing & Understanding Runes

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I am having a lot of problems conceptualizing runes.  I am 8 days new to the game iLVL 340 doing 2 or 3 mythic keys (Blood).  I know my binds and comprehend what spells do.  Right now runes seem irrelevant to me.  If I need a spell, I spam it a few times.  If its just not there (on CD), I try the next best option or move on.  I have a weak aura which breaks a bar up into 6 smaller rectangles (my runes).  It is nice eye candy, looks cool, it moves as it fills. It also has a big number in the center (total stored power? '125')  However, I am just not using runic power("RP") or understanding it.  Should I be using this data to make situational decisions in real time?  Eventually will I make calculations or use abilities/spells in a specific order based on better knowledge of RP?  Will how I play the game be hinged on my understanding of RP?   The sections in the guide seemed small "4.1.2. Runic Power" 

I get it runic power is the fuel/energy, my toon needs it.  It is really important magical stuff!  But right now I am not using it to make multiple (or any) real time decisions.  Am I doing it wrong?

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The backbone of the whole DK class (in every spec) can be boiled down to resource management. Some of your abilities consume runes, which generates RP, and some other use that RP.

You've said you play Blood, which is arguably the spec that depends the most on spending RP smartly. Your main healing ability (Death Strike) consumes RP to heal you for a percentage of the damage you took in the last 5 seconds. Because of that, you can't just have 45 RP and instantly spend it on a Death Strike if you haven't taken significant damage that needs to be healed soon afterwards, nor is it advisable to use it if you'll end up wasting most of it in overhealing.

Regarding your final question, yes, you're doing it kind of wrong. RP is a second resource which usefulness varies from spec to spec, and sometimes depends on your talent choice for a particular situation, but it's still a very important part of the DK gameplay. I'd advice you to read the rotation pages carefully, along with the tooltips for each spec.


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Yeah as a Blood DK you are supposed to use your runes to generate RP to be sure you can always use Death Strike. (cause Death Strike heals you for 25% of the damage taken in the 5 previous seconds). There's also Bonestorm talent (Tier 7 -> lvl 100) which consume RP and which is really strong both offensive and defensive. Each time you are tanking damage spikes, you have to use Death Strike, so you need to have constantly 40+ RP in an ideal scenario.

Blood DK are supposed to self heal a lot though these 2 spells and make it easier for Healers which making DK a really good tank, if not the best in Mythic +.

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