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[Eu-Draenor][H]Asteria [6/14] recruiting for 10 man!

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Hello everyone!

I'm Zäite; the GM of Asteria on Draenor Horde!

A little bit of history!
Asteria originally formed on Silvermoon Alliance in 2011 by a group of real-life friends whom all had a solid raiding history. We had a strong team during Firelands and went from strength to strength during Dragon Soul. Nearing the end of Dragon Soul, a few raiders consistently stopped showing up to raids and pugging raids ended with Asteria's demise.

The core raiders stopped playing WoW during patch 5.0 - 5.3 until we mutually decided to join back together, but on Draenor and as Horde! The guild has been active for about four weeks and now we're at a stage where we're ready to start recruiting other players who aim for Heroic end-game content.

So what do we aim for?
We aim for progress. We're a semi-casual guild, but we're a group of players who have good raiding history and enjoy the challenge the heroic content poses for us! We appreciate that there are many players who wish to get those Heroic achievements but get turned down by the big names due to lack of experience or gear. By no means are we World 1st players, but we strive for maximizing our class and performing above others. If you can prove to us that you have these similar qualities; we'll take the player over the achievement.

Sounds good, so when do you raid?
Our raiding schedule is quite typical, we raid:

Server Times:
Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00
Sunday 19:45 - 23:00
Monday 19:45 - 23:00

I can't raid on (Sundays), will you refuse me?
We accept that everyone has their own life and WoW isn't their #1 priority. By no means will this mean we'll refuse you.

We ask a minimum of 66% attendance to be ranked as a Raider.

Cool, so what are your near-future plans?
Asteria has been raiding 5.4 since 4th December 2013 and cleared six bosses in two runs. We're still recruiting strong players to help fill out team and hopefully get onto Heroic Progression ASAP.

What do Asteria expect from you?
Like all raiding guilds, we expect:

That wiping is your first love and accept that wipes are part of progressing.
We expect you to have knowledge of your class, be able and willing to bring all the best equipment to raids (Flasks, potions, reforges and able to switch talents for certain bosses)
You're able to take criticisms and ALSO not to be shy to offer criticism. Improvements help the whole guild, and not just the player!
Be kind to people, if they !@#$ up - who cares?! Being disrespectful to the people around you will result in an instant removal from the guild.
Be able to have a laugh! Raiding is fun and some people forget this(!) We play this game to have fun and not rage every 5 seconds!
Your guild sounds perfect, but are you recruiting my class??
We understand that the best team will have variety in their classes. Though we do try to have a well represented team; (as said above) we do choose the player over the class.

Currently we're recruiting:
A solid TANK, preferably non-DK
A Paladin. Any spec, Paladins are quite essential in SoO especially during progression.
A non-plate MELEE DPS
A HEALER with a strong DPS off-spec


So where do I apply?!
You can find me in-game if you'd like to have a chat, alternatively you can make a post below this post or you can go to our guild-website and make an application there!


Any questions, don't fret to ask below.

Have fun, and good luck!


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