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Weekly Changelog #1

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We recently decided that we should keep our readers more informed on what is going on with the website, so from now on, we will be doing a weekly changelog. Our goal is to write this changelog every Tuesday, and this week, as an exception, we are publishing it on Wednesday.

Patch 5.4 Content

With BlizzCon and the Hearthstone beta test, we have fallen a bit behind schedule for some of our Patch 5.4 updates and we apologize for that. We are currently catching up.
  • This week saw the release of two more Heroic guides for Spoils of Pandaria and Thok the Bloodthirsty. You can expect the remaining Heroic-mode updates in the coming weeks.
  • We updated the transmogrification guides for Patch 5.4: Tier 16 sets and Arena Season 14 sets were added, and descriptions for Arena Season 13 sets were updated. New items from Patch 5.4 were added in the item guides. Also, we did a few item updates based on comments we received. For example, Engineering items that can only be crafted by a certain class were appearing in the item lists for other classes (for example, inv_gizmo_newgoggles.jpgSpecialized Bio-Optic Killshades was listed in the Death Knight, Paladins, and Warrior lists).
  • Following comments on the Timeless Isle guide, we improved the way we presented the rewards from Emperor Shaohao. Previously, the guide was not giving any incentive for farming reputation with this faction.


We fixed a few minor issues on our class guides over the past several days. Most notably, there was a very misleading (and embarrassing) typo in the Destruction Warlock guide where we were talking of spell_warlock_soulburn.jpgSoulburn instead of spell_shadow_scourgebuild.jpgShadowburn. We also fixed an old sentence in the Restoration Shaman guide that was saying that it is not possible to maintain a 100% uptime on spell_shaman_tidalwaves.jpgTidal Waves (it is with inv_glyph_majorshaman.jpgGlyph of Riptide). Trinket advice for Survival Hunters was updated after Kennyloggins, our reviewer, contacted us on the matter.


As you may know, there was a Hearthstone patch yesterday. The main changes (as far as our guides are concerned) are related to the Arena where the maximum number of wins has been increased to 12. As a result, we need to update the sections of our arena guides where we talk about the rewards, because they now scale differently with your number of wins. While the ranking system for Play Mode has also changed considerably, these changes had no impact on our guides.


Ever since we added the Hearthstone tooltips from Hearthpwn.com, we have been having display issues with tooltips from WowDB and Hearthstone. There was a conflict between the tooltip engines and it has recently been fixed by our friends over at curse.


We recently started displaying a message to readers using an ad blocker. This message appears once every 10 pages viewed and simply asks people to donate or whitelist the website. We also fixed a display issue that caused the right column of our pages to be 15 pixels too low for readers browsing with an ad blocker activated.

A few days ago, we were warned about a UK campaign for Bleach DVDs that was going over the drop down menus. We think that we managed to fix it. If you notice odd interactions between ads and drop down menus, please let us know.

Things To Come

Tomorrow we will announce our Christmas Contest. Then, we will work on more Heroic guide updates and more Hearthstone content (although we are unsure whether we will have anything to publish on Hearthstone before next week). Also, we are going to start catching up on Brawler's Guild guides (as we are missing quite a few).
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