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It's time for more Rextroy, but this time in another solo adventure as he takes a light 3 and a half hour tour of Atal'Diazar on M+ 10, with an item level of 372. We also get some commentary/guides on each boss and trash below the video, featuring more use of Last Defender with some help from local bugs, even after the nerf (for the first boss at least).



Last Defender can still pack a punch, especially when powered up by critters! This dungeon took almost exactly 3.5 hours, one hour less than Motherlode +9. Sorry about not showing healing done for the fights, forgot to record it! It usually is around 10k, which I assume it would be here aswell.

Fun thing to note is that even if your teammate leaves instantly and goes offline, the run counts for their weekly chest (as seen at 27:04).

Ilvl: 372 Neck LvL: 24
Talents: Holy Shield (first boss), Blessed Hammer (after), Crusader's Judgment Repentance (to cheese), Cavalier (wanted BOP), Spellwarding (Trash), Hand of the Protector (great healing) Judgment of Light, Righteous Protector (good healing), Last Defender (first boss)

Trash: As you can see at 27:11, you can use Repentance to split up the trash groups, this made it easy to slowly power through all the adds. This didn't work against the beasts in the instance however, against these you instead kite and kill them off one by one.

Priestess Alun'za 0:52
This is the hardest boss, even harder with fortification because it is the adds scaling. This makes it hard to defeat the adds intime before more spawns. The solution I figured out was to get help from our old friend Last Defender. The critters in the instance will attack you if you aggro them. This makes you able to gather them up and get quite a boost to your Last Defender. Even better is that they miss all the time which procs Grand Crusader! Most critters are present at Rezans location. During the bossfight, make you sure use Shield of the Righteous when no critters are infront of you, otherwise they will die! Also focus the add all the time. Last Defenders damage reduction is capped at 50% now, so you will still take moderate damage.

Rezan 5:18
Quite a slow and boring boss since you will be stuck running most of the time. I prefer to stay on the side furthest away from the entrance. There is a lot of room to move here and you can easily kite him back and forth. You might not be able to avoid the fear, but it won't matter too much since the boss will stand still after casting it. If you hug the wall, the fear won't make you run far. This makes you have a very low chance of aggroing additional raptors. Prepare your Shield of the Righteous after you been running away from the boss, since his Serrated Teeth causes you to take huge amount of damage!

Vol'kaal 14:27
Quite an easy boss, during p1 he will keep spamming his jump so you won't take too much damage during the phase if you avoid it. Make sure you get the totems to 4% health. Since around 2% they start to regain their HP. Also make sure you have long range damage ready for them! During p2 he will go down quite quickly, however his damage is increased. Cleanse yourself after his Noxious Stench to get rid of debuff (interrupting it is also good!). Keep moving backwards in a nice circle to avoid standing in any aoe.

Yazma 19:22
Make sure you have an interrupt ready for Wracking Pain. Avenger's Shield is amazing for this. The boss won't use any Soulrend on the tank, so you are able to ignore that mechanic completely! Time your active defense for Skewer, since it hurts quite a bit. Also stack up the spiders and move away from them. Remember that they will only chase you when they grow "big" The damage taken during this boss is moderate, so make sure you use your rotation well!

And here's that Motherlode M+ 9 mentioned earlier:

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Just  blows me away, Rextroy is dedicated to the solo campaign I must say.

Blizzcon - We are announcing the Removal of Paladins from WoW thanks to Rextroy LOL


Nice work once again, Wonder what his next +10 or better will be. Now I shall go and try and find a capable group to do a +10 without dying a hundred times.

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These videos are always impressive and astounding.

They also point out to me that I am probably literally doing everything wrong. 

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      Over the course of the encounter, T'zane will unleash the tormented sprits trapped within him to create avoidable effects.
       Damage Dealers
      Avoid standing in front of T'zane during Terror Wail. Move away from allies when affected by Consuming Spirits. Avoid touching Coalesced Essence.  Healers
      Avoid standing in front of T'zane during Terror Wail. Move away from allies when affected by Consuming Spirits. Avoid touching Coalesced Essence.  Tanks
      Avoid standing in front of T'zane during Terror Wail. Avoid touching Coalesced Essence. Loot Table
      Petrified Mask of the Afterlife Deathshambler's Shoulderpads Bindings of Eternal Fears Soulplank Vambraces Cinch of All-Consuming Death Death Devouring Girdle Legguards of the Barkbound Dead Wailing Terror Leggings Swampwalker's Soul-Treads Spiritbound Voodoo Burl T'zane's Barkspines World Events
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