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Patch 8.1 Build 28048

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The latest 8.1 build includes new Azerite traits, icons for Kul Tiran & Zandalari racials, a new model for Lor'themar, and more!


  • Certain game files for this build are encrypted.
  • Lor'themar Theron received a new model.
  • Icons for Kul TIran & Zandalari Troll racials have been added.
    • brush it off.png interface/icons/ability_racial_brushitoff.blp 
    • childofthesea.png interface/icons/ability_racial_childofthesea.blp
    • akunda.png interface/icons/ability_racial_embraceoftheloa_akuna.blp
    • bwonsamdi.png interface/icons/ability_racial_embraceoftheloa_bwonsomdi.blp
    • gonk.png interface/icons/ability_racial_embraceoftheloa_gonk.blp
    • kimibul.png interface/icons/ability_racial_embraceoftheloa_kimibul.blp
    • kragwa.png interface/icons/ability_racial_embraceoftheloa_kragwa.blp
    • paku.png interface/icons/ability_racial_embraceoftheloa_paku.blp
    • haymaker.png interface/icons/ability_racial_haymaker.blp
    • jackofalltrades.png interface/icons/ability_racial_jackofalltrades.blp
    • rime.png interface/icons/ability_racial_rimeoftheancientmariner.blp
    • arcane.png interface/icons/ability_racial_wardoftheloaarcane.blp
    • fire.png interface/icons/ability_racial_wardoftheloafire.blp
    • frost.png interface/icons/ability_racial_wardoftheloafrost.blp
    • holy.png interface/icons/ability_racial_wardoftheloaholy.blp
    • nature.png interface/icons/ability_racial_wardoftheloanature.blp
    • shadow.png interface/icons/ability_racial_wardoftheloashadow.blp
  • New interesting Azerite traits have been added.

Adventure Journal

  • Battle for Darkshore - The war effort intensifies. Report to the Port of Zandalar to depart to the front. Make the Alliance regret their return to Darkshore! For the Horde!
  • Battle for Darkshore - The war effort intensifies. Report to Boralus Harbor for transport to the warfront. Save Darkshore from the ravages of the Horde! For the Alliance!

Azerite Powers

New Azerite powers have been added in this build and they are quite interesting!


  • Ancients' Bulwark
    • Standing still grants you Deep Roots, increasing your Versatility by 0. Moving instead grants you Uprooted, healing you for 1 every 1 sec.
  • Arcanic Pulsar
    • Starsurge's damage is increased by 67. Every 9 Starsurges, gain Celestial Alignment for 6 sec.
  • Early Harvest
    • When Wild Growth expires, it heals the target for 46 if they are injured or it reduces the cooldown of Innervate by 1 sec if they are not.
  • Switch Hitter
    • An ability from your chosen Affinity grants an additional bonus for 10 sec:
      • Starsurge: 0 Leech
      • Ferocious Bite: 0 Speed
      • Frenzied Regeneration: 0 Avoidance
      • Swiftmend: Absorb 25 damage.


  • Sharpshooter
    • Rapid Fire damage is increased by up to 44 per shot fired, this damage starts lower and increases per shot of Rapid Fire. Aimed Shot has a 15% chance to reset the cooldown of Rapid Fire.


  • Frostwhelp's Indignation
    • Pillar of Frost summons a Frostwhelp who breathes on all enemies within 20 yards in front of you for 134 Frost damage. Each unique enemy hit by Frostwhelp's Indignation grants you 7 Mastery for 6 sec, up to 35.


  • Secret Infusion
    • After using Thunder Focus Tea, your next spell gives 74 of a stat for 10 sec:
      • Enveloping Mists: Critical Strike
      • Renewing Mist: Haste
      • Vivify: Mastery
      • Rising Sun Kick: Versatility


  • Empyreal Ward
    • Lay on Hands grants the target 1 armor for 1 min.
  • Glimmer of Light
    • Holy Shock leaves a Glimmer of Light on the target for 30 sec. When you Holy Shock, all targets within Glimmer of Light are damaged for 66 or healed for 115.
  • Righteous Conviction
    • Your Light of the Protector heals for 203 additional healing, and is always increased by 200% during Avenging Wrath.


  • Death Denied
    • Leap of Faith absorbs the next 1,687 damage to the target within 10 sec. While the shield holds, Leap of Faith cools down 200% faster.
  • Promise of Deliverance
    • For 10 sec after you cast Holy Word: Serenity, Heal and Flash Heal for an additional 74, and reduce the cooldown of Holy Word: Serenity by an additional 1 sec.
  • Shadows of Elune
    • Your spells and abilities have a chance to increase your Haste by 2 for 15 sec. At night, you also gain 10% movement speed for the duration.
  • Sudden Revelation
    • Power Word: Radiance has a 50% chance to cause your next Holy Nova to deal 337 additional damage and reduce the cooldown of Power Word: Radiance by 5 sec.


  • Echoing Blades
    • Fan of Knives damage is increased by 22. For each of the first 5 critical strikes, it will fire a second spray of knives at that location, dealing 51 damage to enemies within 8 yards.


  • Ancient Ankh Talisman
    • While Reincarnation is off cooldown, your maximum health is increased by 37. While you are at full health, Reincarnation cools down 50% faster.
  • Thunderaan's Fury
    • Stormstrike deals 42 additional damage, and has 13% chance to summon Thunderaan's Fury Totem, increasing the chance to activate Windfury Weapon by 100% for 12 sec.


  • Bastion of Might
    • Avatar increases your Mastery by 37 for 20 sec, and instantly grants you Ignore Pain.


  • Chaos Shards
    • Incinerate damage is increased by 31, and when you fill up a Soul Shard, you have a 5.0% chance to generate an additional full Soul Shard over 2 sec.
  • Terror of the Mind
    • You steal 121 health every 1 sec from targets affected by your Fear spell.


  • Apothecary's Concoctions
    • Your damaging abilities have a chance to deal 18 Plague damage over 6 sec, and your healing abilities have a chance to restore 35 health over 6 sec. These effects are increased by up to 100% based on the target's missing health.
  • Endless Hunger
    • Your Versatility is increased by 0. Moving near an enemy's coprse consumes their essence, restoring 6 health.

Broadcast Text

  • Every Kul Tiran would gladly lay down their life if it meant bringing Daelin's killer to justice!


Lor'themar Theron received a new model for the Blood Elf Heritage Armor questline. The model is not animated yet.


Global Strings

  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_379,This item's level is too high for this upgrade.
  • UNITNAME_SUMMON_TITLE39,%s's Evil Twin
  • ERR_TRAVEL_PASS_NOT_SAME_REGION,"You are not in the same region, or have incompatable versions."
  • INVITE_CONFIRMATION_REQUEST_FROM_COMMUNITY_QUICKJOIN,%s from %s has requested to join your group through Quick Join.
  • INVITE_CONFIRMATION_REQUEST_FROM_COMMUNITY,%s from %s has requested to join your group.
  • INVITE_CONFIRMATION_REQUEST_COMMUNITY,%s's community mate %s has requested to join your group.
  • INVITE_CONFIRMATION_REQUEST_COMMUNITY_QUICKJOIN,%s's community mate %s has requested to join your group through Quick Join.

Scenario Steps

  • Expand your base at Bashal'Aran.,Sinking Our Roots
  • Remove the remaining Horde threat at Lor'danel Landing.,The Northern Shore


  • Icecrown Citadel (8.1)

World Safe Locs

  • 8.1 Incursions - Mess From Above -  Safe Loc - (MDE)
  • 8.1 Incursions - Crawler Mine Abandon (Nazmir) (MDE)
  • 8.1 Incursions - Drustvar - Horde Finale (JDA)
  • 8.1 Dwarf Heritage - Ulduar - GY Location - RRB
  • 8.1 Incursions - Blood Coast - Water Ele - DC Safe Loc - GJC
  • 8.1 War Campaign - Chapter 03 - Rowboat Safe Point (msc)
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Frostwhelp's Indignation

This seems to be an DK trait i think, as Pillars of Frost is a Frost Dk's ability.

But im very excited to see the new traits and maybe more that are coming ?

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Ancient Ankh Talisman

  • While Reincarnation is off cooldown, your maximum health is increased by 37. While you are at full health, Reincarnation cools down 50% faster.

Lmao XD

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2 hours ago, Borgoff33 said:

that Lor'themar hairstyle better be final and he needs to stab people with it

Ofc that fits too. My thought was one of those gorilla's pumped up, coming from the gym.

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2 hours ago, Seksi said:

Ancient Ankh Talisman

  • While Reincarnation is off cooldown, your maximum health is increased by 37. While you are at full health, Reincarnation cools down 50% faster.

Lmao XD

I could actually see that having some use especially in higher key mythic plus. Extra HP is always welcome and more frequent recovery is useful. It's kinda niche but that's what we've been asking for isn't it? Interesting abilities.

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44 minutes ago, tkioz said:

 It's kinda niche but that's what we've been asking for isn't it? Interesting abilities.

You´re right. But the community will obviously complain that this is useless mostly beacuse its doesnt increase your Sims or looks usable while it totally could be in high keys or Mythic Raids. Blizzard is trying to give us what we want but we complain all the time ?

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So, back on the Isle of Thunder Lor'themar fought with bow in one hand and a sword in the other, now he gets to use his hair, too? ._.
Nerf, plz.

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Righteous Conviction

  • Your Light of the Protector heals for 203 additional healing, and is always increased by 200% during Avenging Wrath.

Was excited till I read this.   Why do prot paladins always become the generic average and get the generic abilities? ?

Also our "emergency heal" being on the gcd still is laughably bad

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The new model looks amazing and very modern animation-wise, but I feel like Lor'themar looks older and more humanish now. Gief back our sexy leader!

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I like the way they are aging models.  The aging on Hellscream during the Mag'har scenario was a welcome sight (not to see him go, but to see the passage of time, which feels like it gets forgotten at times.)

Anduin growing up falls into that category, IMO.


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1 hour ago, Raffalius said:

New map for icecrown citadel?

Does this mean we will have a story with the new lich king and his daughter from Kul`tiras?

I think it will be for the scenario where we tryin to find out stuff about Voljin

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