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[A - Terenas - EU] <Bloodlines> 
Recruiting Atm we're looking for some new blood to expand our raidingteam. 
You have to be 18+

We are a casual raiding guild but our progress is towards heroic content. 
Mythic+ is usually ongoing all week and a good way to gear up if you're low.

Raidtime: Wednesday & Sunday - 20,30 - 23,00 servertime

We use Discord to communicate.

We expect a certain level of commitment from our raiders and expect 
those qualities to show through in peoples applications. Dedication and reliability are key. 
Previous raid experience is highly valued, though applications from all ranges of 
experience are considered.

Our progress are atm: Uldir
Nm 8/8
Hc 5/8

Recruitment status:

Warrior (Protection) - Open
Warrior (dps) - Open

Death Knight (Tank) - Open
Death Knight (DPS) - Open

Monk (Tank) - Open pref healing offspecc
Monk (DPS) - Open pref healing offspecc
Monk (Healer) - Open pref healing offspecc

Paladin (Protection) - Open pref healing offspecc
Paladin (Holy) - Open
Paladin (Retribution) - Open pref healing offspecc

Mage (Arcane) - Open
Mage (Fire) - Open
Mage (frost) - Open

Priest (Holy) - Open 
Priest (disc) - Open
Priest (Shadow) - Open pref healing offspecc

Rogue (Combat, Assassination, Subtlety) - PVE spec

Shaman (all 3) - Open pref healing offspecc

Warlock (all 3) - Open

In case recruitment for a certain class isn't open 
at the moment still feel free to apply or speak to any 
Officer online who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you're interested pls use the link and sign our recruitmentforum:

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