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Im trying to start up a team to improve

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I have a team on guilded.gg, there going to have scrim finders soon and I want to start gearing up for that.  I find that 90% of the games in ranked that I lose is caused by a bad pick that was pointed out during draft or someone not knowing their role, feeding etc.  I may be wrong but I feel that if at lower levels you have a plan going into rank with people you know the play style of you can climb out easily.  There are only so many people on guilded already so I was wanting to post here and see if there are any other places to recruit people in lower ranks that have the same issue as well as anyone that would like to give advice/coach/vod review. http://www.guilded.gg/r/AFBRQ8nnVj

 Here is a link to the application I will post it on other sites that people here recommend.  Also if you are in higher ranks and have not heard of guilded.gg check it out its pretty cool.

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