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Guild Name: Desecrate

Faction: Horde

Focus: PvE

Progress: 8/8H, 1/8M Uldir

Raiding days and times: Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 20.00(Invites at 19.30)-23.00.

Realm: Draenor

Voice comms: Discord -

Logs: All logs are stored here (Due to change of Raid Leader):


About Desecrate:

Desecrate is a newly formed guild based out of Draenor Horde with focus on Mythic raiding progression in a mature and relaxed environment. The guild was founded September 1st. We have an engaged, experienced and friendly management that is looking to build a solid Mythic roster to achieve Cutting Edge in every Tier during BFA.

All core raiders are active during off-days, tons of m+ and arena plays during the week.



We are currently looking for DPS both ranged and melee, all classes will be considered.

Highly in need of :


Druid (Boomkin)


Paladin (Ret)

Demon Hunter (Havoc)


Loot System:


We are using Personal Loot Helper in order to facilitate the distribution of loot.


What can you do for us?


Maintain a rolling attendance of at least 90% of our raids.


Show up to raids ready with consumables, gems, enchants and so on in case you get an upgrade. (Feasts will be provided by the guild!)


Keep your character up-to-date with equipped item level and Heart of Azeroth level.


High mechanical knowledge about your class.


Able to handle constructive criticism.


Keeping a cool head during our raid times, even with a lot of wipes.


What can we offer you?


Matureness: We are a bunch of guys and girls looking to build a serious 3-day raiding guild where everyone can feel at ease. Mature attitude towards raiding and respecting each other as human-beings.

Experience: Highly experienced, HardMode/Mythic raiders in the core. Many opportunities to pick up a trick or two..

Fun: Having a laugh during trash, doing alternative activities outside of raid times or just a chat in /g. Tons of M+ and Arena matches are being done on a weekly basis. Hang out on Discord with your new friends!

Stability: We are aiming to have a solid 20+ core members to keep the competitive spirit alive.. which results in a steady Mythic group to rely on when it comes to raid attendance.



I just want to thank you for reading our Recruitment post and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

If you are in a need of a Mythic progress guild with a relaxed and mature environment, have a chat with one of the officers or any other member of the guild. You will not be disappointed!

Also, I am sorry for typos.







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