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Fury Warr!!!

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So, i've just dinged 90 a day ago on my warr and want to play as fury.


As i understand from my research is that it'd wise for me to start off with arms as fury only start to shine at higher ilvl. Then my first question is, at what ilvl or crit lvl should i go over to fury? 


Second question: TG or SMF? Same ilvl ofc.


Third: Is it a dps loss to have 2 weap with wide ilvl gaps?


Fourth: I see from this guild that Crit and Mast is higher value than STR when i get Thok's Tail Tip, does that mean Crit > STR 1:1 radio?


Fifth: Upgrade order? Weap, Tail Tip og CD red trink?


Sixth: Why isnt the 4p bonus worth going for?



Tyvm in advance =)

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1: Around 530-540 ilvl or ~30% crit.


2: TG, by a fair margin, both on single target and AoE.


3: As long as your strongest weapon is in your main hand you'll do fine, though having a much lower item level offhand can change the priority between HS/WS.


4: With Thok's Tail Tip, Crit > Mastery >= Str, point for point.


5; Always upgrades weapons first, then trinekts (Tail Tip > Galakras), then the rest of your gear.


6: Proc rate is very low, and pretty much all the offpieces have better stats on them which means the little you're losing by not having the 4p, you regain it by having better stats on your gear.


Hope this helps,



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If you want to get it down to exactly 20 seconds, you need a 2/2 upgraded heroic warforged one. To get it to a point where it feels smooth enough, a normal one is more than enough (i think an upgraded normal EEoG will get your stormbolt down to 20.8 seconds, if i remember correctly)

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