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Marrow / Heartstrike Shared CD

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Marrow & Heartstrike seem to have 3 initial charges.  Then they seem to be put on a shared 3-6 sec CD.  On occasion 'something' is changing the length of this cd by  +/- 1 to 3 second (3sec - 6sec).  I am running into the problem, where using HS puts Marrow on CD & I wanted Marrow.  I just stare at my talent bar waiting.  HS just seems to CD Marrow more often than I should allow it.  

Whats going on?  

Is it just a general rule x3 = cd?  I just have to plan (situationally) and follow 'scripted' rotation better?  While it might have been in my head is this CD resetting on occasion too,   (Death & Decay along with Death Caress are also impacted by this CD though less frequent).

**My weak aura lists how many "Charges Blood Boil has 1 or 2.  These 3 initial attacks (Marrow/HS x3) are not being listed like that.  Why?  They are not "charges"?  They are "use"? or...

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Many of a Death Knight's abilities cost runes. You begin with 6 runes available. Heart Strike costs one rune. Marrowrend costs 2 runes. When you use a rune, it takes some time to regenerate before you can use it again. 

You can see your runes beneath your characters portrait and health bar. 

If you mouse over an ability and read the tooltip you can see how many runes it costs to cast. If you don't have enough active runes available at any given moment then you can't use an ability that needs them.

Blodboil charges have nothing to do with runes as Bloodboil does not costs runes. You start with two charges of Bloodboil. When you use it once you have one charge remaining and the first charge begins its cooldown. If you use the second charge before the first one is ready you'll be unable to use it until the first one finishes it's cooldown. Then you'll have one charge available. When the second charge finishes it's cooldown you'll once again have two charges available.

I'd recommend against using weakauras until you learn the most basic functions of the class.

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