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Warcraft Logs

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So everyone who raids at a consistent level will know and understand what World of Logs are.


Well, recently my guild has been uploading to both WoL and this site (thats still somewhat in beta and being implemented)  called Warcraft Logs.


This site still has a lot of new features to be implemented, but its growing fast.  One of my favorite features right now is in their ranking system, you can see how well guilds executed a fight based on their number of deaths, their damage taken throughout the fight, and their kill time.




^ That is thier ranking for uploaded logs on immerseues heroic 25m.  You can change some of the options to see other things.


A feature they announced very recently is called "Feats of Strength" where they pick a wing of SoO and give all guilds a challenge to kill the boss in a specific manner in heroic.




Heroic Raiders, It's Time To Spice Up Farm!
By Dahri - Dec 12 2013
Ok, Heroic Raiders, listen up!

We have introduced a new category of ranking called Feats of Strength. Every week we will be introducing Feats of Strength for each wing in Siege of Orgrimmar. These Feats are rewarded for killing these bosses on Heroic difficulty with some fiendish restrictions in place.

We will be introducing the Feats of Strength for the first four bosses in Siege on Tuesday December 17th at the next reset. Logs for these Feats will be closely scrutinized by all, so no cheating!

You are encouraged to make kill videos for these Feats. These videos will be embedded in the page for the world 1st in each region.



I encourage anyone who is uploading logs for their guild to start uploading them to both WoL (since it is a standard atm) and Warcraft logs.  This is a very promising website and I would love to seem them grow.




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We started using Warcraft Logs about 2 weeks ago also. I find it much easy to navigate through the logs since their navigation basically works like a guided query builder.

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is there a way to view interrupts like the dispels and buffs? i really like how they are graphed on a timeline.


oh found it. the by all enemies dropdown got me, but now i get it.

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Warcraft log feature that im super excited about!




Combat replay sounds really promising.  The current addon from Phoenix style does amazing, its just missing some boss room pictures and a slightly better interface.  I can't wait for this.

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