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i know its been asked before!

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Sillygurl- Deathwing


so im fairly new to mage life and im really finding it hard to get a solid dps rotation.. Im obviously missing something but i cant figure out what.

ive gone thru alot of other posts on here talking about it and ive followed the advice of some and still find my dps sub par. (5k)

Sim tells me i need to be about 8.6k 

Logs from saturday nights raid - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/tKcRfZG7ngTVxpwL#fight=2


any advice would be super appreciated. 



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I've just taken a look at your Fetid logs (which is basically a Patchwork boss with some minor movement), and there are several issues:

There are a lot of several second long pauses in your rotation. I assume they are mostly due to movement, so you need to work on your movement management, proc management and use of Shimmer.

You only casted Ebonbolt once. Keep it on cooldown.

Keep your CDs ready for Bloodlust.

And your opener could use some work too.


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I find that a lot of being good at dps is just knowing the fights, knowing when to hold your cool-downs and when to use them, how to avoid mechanics etc.  One thing I noticed on your fetid logs is you didn't shatter one of your Glacial spikes, thatch a pretty big deal.  Always always always shatter them.  It is so much of your dps.  As a general rule of thumb, don't use your brain freeze procs when you have more then 3 icicles (including the one generated from the frost bolt you are currently casting, so if you have 3 icicles and a brain freeze proc, don't use it on the next frost bolt), save ebonbolt for brain freeze procs on your glacial spike as well.  With specifics for say fetid, you can actually dodge shock wave if you shimmer as the cast goes off, so you don't have to stand against the wall, alternatively you can just take ice floes and just click it (you can use it while casting) as he shock waves so you can continue to cast while being knocked backwards (you still want to be against a wall, you just will continue to cast).  I suggest the shimmer method because you can set yourself up in some pretty advantageous locations for dpsing the "adds" and it allows you to re-position for the breath really well, also if you know it is coming try to hold a charge of fingers of frost or comet storm if you can do it reasonably, you don't want to delay comet storm too long, but if he is at like 90+ energy and you have it, hold it for movement. 


The more you play your spec the better you will get at managing the small things that really impact your dps.  Two last things in closing, I find that sims for frost mages are kind of misleading, in my experience they tend to sim higher then there realistic dps, because you will inevitably waste dps when your procs overlap unfavorably, and when you have to move, move as little as possible and interrupt your casts as little as possible, and I cannot stress this enough.  If you have to dodge a circle on the ground, move outside to the edge of the circle, not 5-10 yards away from it.  You will see this all the time, people get something under them, and suddenly they bolt, and try to get really faraway from it, and they end up wasting an entire spell cast just moving unnecessarily.  You also see people, when they get stuff like the rolling corruption on zek'voz or are in the surging darkness just bolt mid cast when they have PLENTY of time to finish there casting, or in the case of rolling corruption, time to cast a couple spells.  Just don't panic, understand the mechanics, understand how much time you have, and use it accordingly.  This can be awkward if you are not used to doing it, and you should really ease yourself into this sort of thing, but just take mental notes of when you move too far, or too soon and lose damage and try to avoid doing it in the future, or do it better in the future, if you moved 8 yards too far, try to move only 3-5 etc.

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