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DPS frustrations

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I've taken a look at your Fetid Devourer logs, and there are several issues:

Your opener needs work. It's good you don't use Meta on pull for Fetid, but you're overall too slow. Use Immolation Aura right at the pull, Fel Rush in, and as soon as you hit 30 Fury, Eye Beam and Death Sweep.

Chaos Nova and Glaive Throw are wasted GCDs on single target fights. Those are better used on Demon's Bite.

There are multiple times where you cast several Demon's Bites despite being already at Fury cap. At on point, you are in Meta with full Fury and still casting Demon's Bite. You are wasting ressources and GCDs. If you look at the logs of top DH players, they tend to hover around 30-80 Fury. Get an addon if you have trouble keeping track of your ressources.

On that note, make sure you get everything out of Eye Beam, dump some (not all!) Fury before it comes of cooldown so you don't go over cap.


These are just the most obvious issues I could find. I'm not a DH player, so I'm just going by guides, other people's logs, and common sense here.

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You are not getting enough Death sweeps or Annihilation's into your meta windows is the simple answer.

You cast eye beam 11 times so you want to fit 2 death sweeps into that meta window that demonic talent gives you but you only had a total of 12 death sweep casts. So that's tons of damage lost + the damage lost by not using it enough in your 30's Meta window.

Death Sweep if your biggest hitting basic ability you should be using it when ever possible regardless of number of targets. 

Once you have used eye beam you next cast should be Death sweep and it should be used on CD so you can fit 2 in the 8's window. When it is on CD spam Annihilation and fill with Demon's bite for fury if you need to. 

Jinsu2301 is also right with his post. 

Work on fury management. Focus on Deathsweep on CD followed by Annihilation and you will see a big increase quickly.


Hope this helps you.


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