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Console and new update thoughts and questions.

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I play this game on a console, xbox 1, in co op, same screen and console, with a buddy. Phenomenal game, grew up on sports games, but this one has become my favourite.  Couple console questions, I apologise if my futile efforts to look these up should've been better. Can we play seasons in co op mode on console? We haven't bothered, but once a new season starts we may have all 7, 1 of each character up to snuff on hardcore, so I'd like to try it if we see fit.  It's only taken a few months to get 4 each up to 70 and good enough for torment 4. Been going up 1 torment each character so far. So much more luck then on the 360 we played for like 8 months. Only 1 death each so far, and 4 solid hardcore characters each with 120 paragon to show for it. Even had the bad or good luck to kill death for bounties with each character. Proud of us? I am. The thing making it easier seems to be the legendary extractable abilities, especially skill specific ones. They seem so much better and more plentiful than on 360, which we didn't get past T2. There seems to be more sets and better drop rates as well, not just as we go higher in torments either. We don't have anywhere near a full set yet, but we have lots of pieces in total with out much in game time spent so far. Has anyone who plays on console and knows the differences, found a real good place for reading about the specifics about the console versions? Because it seems as though there is mostly PC dominated sites and forums. Could be the differences are fewer now that we are playing on xbox1, not 360, and have the updated game. But looking things up has been somewhat difficult to decipher and trust. For a newb anyway. For instance, is there primal ancients on the Xbox one?
Sounds like a new batch of updates, items, maps and all that good stuff should come to all versions in November. To celebrate the release on N Switch. Which is exciting. Any ideas as to what? I like pets and maps and all that, even changing skills and runes. It's all exciting. But to me the ultimate would be so many more sets and legendaries with extractable abilities. I love that some give huge bonuses to a specific skill, and some of those have 2 or more versions that you can combine for incredible skill boosts. Along with sets we can get in time, it makes impossible torments possible. But what I'd love too see is the same for every skill, or at least many more. That way we can all build our characters as we see fit in time. Not a fan of the idea of following a blue print with specific builds. More variety in possibilities for solid builds sounds awesome. Can be more personalised, more about luck at first, going where the drops take you to experience different builds, and then personalised to your tastes when you have more of them in time. I imagine you want to not release everything in one upgrade, but I just hope it's the over all plan to have sets and extractable abilities for way more skills to take your own path you'd rather take. Don't get me wrong, so far so great, there is plenty of variety in sets and extractable bonuses to skills. I know some should be more powerful than others as well, but after looking all this stuff up, I don't find it entirely balanced. I also wonder if others agree. Asking a lot I know, already a great game with wide variety. 
Recently got up to lvl 70 on T4 with a wizard. No small feat. After maybe an hour getting paragon and such, I got an ancient staff with 3800+ base damage and a socket, that draws lesser enemies into my meteors, which is my favorite skill, and extracted the ability to gain 600-900% damage to them. I await the 400% and half arcane cost to top it off, I'm hardly unlucky or hard done by I know. Did just fine on a torment 6 GR as is, with my buddies best, his WD with crazy gargantuants. Even have more ancients than I should, like 8 ish, say 6 entirely fitting and perfect for one of my 4 characters, including one ancient sword with the level taken off for all my next characters. Have to get a WD, Crusader and necro from 1-70 now on T5, T6 and T7, wish me luck. Even with hellfire ring and amulet, and an ancient lvl 70 one handed sword with the level taken off that is looking impossible. Had the sword for T4 with my wizard and after lvl 60 it's still wild. At T5 and higher after lvl 55 or 60 or 65 best case, I'll need to get lucky and get some of those great extractable skill enhancers well before 70. Hardcore is just too much excitement. Makes this the best game in the world wherever you guys take it. Also curious if you guys feel another couple hundred paragon, say to 300 or so, before we do hardcore T5 characters is a bit unnecessary.  Not much info on what would be considered a cop out, or a solid feat. Seems the extractable abilities that multiply the damage of one of your skills, and getting those before lvl 60 are a bigger difference anyway. But on higher torments you dont get much drops before 60. You get to 60 in no time at all. In all I find I get less legendaries in general between 1-70, as we go up in torments, because it takes less kills to get there, which overpowers the better drop rates. 

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To ramble further, and because I called meteor, my self professed favourite skill, comet, and was ashamed.

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I should state I had found that you unlock Primal ancient drops by clearing solo lvl 70 GR's. But that that was for PC and Mac only. I found one for Xbox one and ps4 today, that stated the same process though, so I'll assume it's that. It also looks like the reason It seemed like info was so different for the PC versions is be because I initially started looking all this up when we were on the 360, without the updated version, so I suppose I don't need the help for those differences. Unless someone tells me otherwise, I'll assume I can trust all the information pertains to xbox one as well. 
As far as the new sets and extractable abilities I can see I'm not the only one who see's it that way. I apologise, I could've gone back further on your forum to see all of these things. I look forward to the hopeful update in November, and am hopeful it will include at least a few more of those. And a fix for the resistance calculating for the wizard, which is apparently a bug from the last update. With 130% resistance, we are still taking big time damage from magic as wizards. Went through lvl 30-32 GR's, so T7, and my DH with about 95% resistance was taking next to no noticeable damage, while my friends wizard was nearly using his fatal passive the whole time. We did like 3 or 4 of them, was hectic for him the whole time. 
So I suppose I have not many questions. Just wondering if anyone has any info about these supposed updates for all systems in Novemeber, to celebrate the release on switch, other than that initial article. It's getting closer. Any expected date for it? Any expected size of the update? Seems 2.5 was pretty sizeable in content. Any good ideas that have been floating around long enough they could be incorporated? Or anything you guys are hoping for in particular? Any whispers?

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