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About enh shaman priority

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Can anyone answer this question please? does it matter which spell I hit first that comes off cooldown. because when I was at the target dummy I practice the priority. and then tried to just hit anything even chooseing earthshock over lava lash and stormstrike,lighting bolt and I didn't even see a difference in the dps. seems to be about  around the same so does the priority even matters for enh? or you can just hit anything?

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Yeah it matters. There's a synergy between many of the spells enhancement shaman uses.
1. Stormstrike gives you a 25% crit chance with LB, ES and LS
2. UE gives you extra fire damage on Flame Shock
3. LL hits harder the more SF stacks you have.

Also to note that bosses die after X amount of time. So you want maximize the use of your highest damage-dealing abilities within that timeframe. It matters if you get 5 Stormstrikes or 15 on that boss. The more seconds flame shock is ticking the more damage is gonna deal, so every second where FS is not up is a dps loss.

All these things contribute to your dps. The rotation is the first thing every class needs to practice before playing with talents and stats.

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