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The Champions Return at the MDI All Stars

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The four teams that had made it to the top during the 2018 Mythic Dungeon Invitational fought it out at BlizzCon for the title of the MDI All Stars Champion!

These teams were 2018 MDI Champions exceL's Angels, runner-up Method NA, third place holders Method PogChamp and Free Marsy, 2017 Champions who replaced the disqualified Gulch Trotters. With only four teams invited, the format was single elimination best out-of-three at +13 key difficulty with different dungeons and varying affixes for each match.

The first match of the day saw our own exceL's Angels facing off against Free Marsy. The first map was The Underrot and the remake curse had to strike right at the beginning. After the remake, Free Marsy jumped ahead of their competition by doing big but still calculated pulls. However, exceL's Angels managed to catch up by pulling trash along with the 2nd and the 3rd boss to maximise the potential of their double Subtlety Rogue composition.

Massive pulls followed for both teams between Sporecaller Zacha and the last boss. With no trash near the Unbound Abomination to feed to the Sub Rogues, exceL's Angels fell behind to Free Marsy's better single target DPS. The Australians went 1-0 ahead.

The second dungeon was Atal'Dazar, where the two opponents followed different routes. Free Marsy went for a big pull at the middle using Time Warp, then jumped down to Rezan. exceL's Angels made a smaller trash pull with Time Warp and then fought Vol'kaal first. Both teams ended up with Priestess Alun'za as the third boss, with the European team opting to CC the two Infested mobs near her. This slowed them down slightly by keeping them in combat. Free Marsy triggered the RP and got to the last boss faster and they ended up winning again.

In the second semifinal, the two Method teams ended up as opponents. Both teams had previously stated that they were taking this All Stars Championship less competitively. Their first map was Temple of Sethraliss. Method NA failed their death skip, which seemed to give their European counterpart the advantage. However, Explosive is a very tricky affix in this dungeon and Method PogChamp wiped because of it at the very last boss. Method NA managed to catch up and steal the map.

The second map was Freehold, where Method NA showed up with a double Sub Rogue comp. This paid off, even with 5 deaths, and again with a score of 2-0 Method NA moved on to the grand final.

With both European teams out, the finalists started their first map which was THE MOTHERLODE!! Method's Dark went on his Unholy Death Knight and we saw some miraculous pulls, with him reaching up to 350k DPS!

Free Marsy also did some crazy pulls and they seemed to have had better practice in the dungeon and a perfect understanding of how much trash they needed to clear. For example, they avoided the trash before the third boss, which caused Method NA to wipe. With a very clean and well executed run, as well as some skips near the end, Free Marsy finished the map first, while Method actually failed the death skip towards the last boss.

The deciding match happened at Shrine of the Storm. We saw both teams Slow Fall to the first boss, although Jodtb opted to stealth through the trash which slowed his team down. Free Marsy made very good use of their Subtlety Rogue, arguably the best DPS out of them all for this dungeon.

The Unholy DK's DPS impressed the audience and the casters again, but it wasn't enough since Method NA had a full team wipe after the 2nd boss. They also failed again with the death skip at the bridge.


So, it was Free Marsy, the 2017 MDI Champions, that ended up winning the BlizzCon All Stars Championship. Their performance was stellar and spotless: they were already known for their clean runs with relatively safe pulls and they seemed more practiced than the other teams.

As far as the MDI meta is concerned, it should be noted that all teams brought Night Elves for the Shadowmeld racial (even though they don't play Alliance on live servers). This made for an interesting viewing experience as all teams used the racial ability in clever ways.

Unsurprisingly, all tanks were Death Knights. We saw a healthy representation of healers with 2 Discipline Priests, a Mistweaver Monk and a Resto Druid. Lastly, the DPS picks were quite limited with Subtlety and Assasination Rogue dominating and Frost Mage appearing in almost all teams. A Demon Hunter usually took the third spot, but we also saw Warlock, Balance Druid and of course Dark's Unholy Death Knight.

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    • By Starym
      While day 5 was a bit of a non-event, with Limit progressing on Queen Azshara and Method doing Heroic splits the entire day, 6 was significantly more exciting. We had Method catch up to the top late in the day, a whole bunch of guilds down the Queen's Council, as well as Limit push the final boss down 52%.
      As Day 6 started, a lot of people expected Method to plow through Za'qul with their newly improved item levels from doing a whole day of Heroic splits, and the expectation almost turned out to be true, as we had a very low % try a few hours after raid start, with Za'qul surviving on 2.1%. Similarly to what happened to Limit however, it took another 8 hours and a number of sub-2% wipes to down the penultimate boss.

      Timestamp for mobile: 1:25:06
      Method took 167 pulls to down the penultimate boss and access the Queen, while Limit needed 185 - but don't forget pulls don't necessarily indicate the real time spent on the boss, however it was all pretty close anyway. Also, speaking of heartbreaking pulls, day 5 brought us the second-worst possible wipe you could imagine, as FatSharkYes were just about to down Orgozoa and failed an entire 0.2% before the end. Press F indeed.
      We now have the two top guilds finally progressing on Queen Azshara, with Limit at a significant advantage, and almost half way through the fight (at least in terms of HP specifically, this isn't the half way mark for progress on the Queen at all), so things are very much heating up. Let's take a look a their individual raid compositions on the kill:

      We can see the big difference being Shadow Priests, as Method went much heavier on those. Limit relied a little bit more on Mages, Warlocks and Warriors (especially with Fire Mages as they were one of the few guilds to gear them up early, in preparation for the raid, as the spec wasn't considered particularly strong for the Palace), while Method went with one additional Rogue.
      At the end of Method's raid day (which was significantly extended) we wound up with them on 75% vs. Limit's 52%. It also seems that either Twitch is having some very specific issues with all of Limit and Red Bull's VoDs, or the guild has decided to remove them so Method can't check their strategies.

      We also have 11 guilds on 6/8 and going at the Harbinger of Ny'alotha, with Pieces and JTH at 10%, Aversion trailing on 19%, FatSharkYes 20%, Exorsus 38% and Alpha at 60%. AFK R, Practice, Halcyon, ScrubBusters and Club Camel are also going at Za'qul, but we don't have the exact numbers for them.
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      Patch 8.2 is live for two weeks and we still have no signs of the Alliance Bee mounts teased at last year's BlizzCon.
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      Datamining suggests that the acqusition questline is related to a NPCs named Barry the Beekeeper and [PH] Hivename Hivemother and it will take place in Stormsong Valley. Here are the entries we found for the Bee faction:
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      You can find a bunch of recolors of the mount here.

      Fly Animation

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    • By Starym
      Limit have done it after many, many low % wipes! Za'qul, Harbinger of Ny'alotha has fallen, opening the way to Queen Azshara, the final boss of the raid and we get to see what she looks like on Mythic. Obviously huge congratulations on the kill. Method have been doing Heroic splits all day

      First off, let's take a look at that Za'qul kill from GM Max's PoV, which is actually tank Darkee's PoV, as Max isn't playing, but is actually just coaching. We're also starting at the exciting part a little later in the fight:

      The timestamp is 03:13:10 in case it doesn't autoplay for you
      The big thing here is that Limit prepared and geared 4 fire mages, which other guilds didn't gear up, which gave them a big advantage on Za'qul specifically.
      And now let's move o to Azshara, with the very first pull ending in a wipe extremely quickly, with the new Mythic wall/laser mechanic causing chaos. Here's the second pull, which went a little better. While we technically don't get to see the Queen herself yet, we get a better idea of the new mechanic, and it's always great watching a guild figuring out new things about a boss for the very first time.

      The timestamp is 03:23:48 in case it doesn't autoplay for you
      And here's the third pull, this time from Red Bull's coverage with commentators:

      The timestamp is 09:17:38 in case it doesn't autoplay for you
      An amazing performance by Limit overall, but the race is far from over and we'll see how long it takes Method (or any of the other 5 guilds curently progressing on Za'qul) to catch up, as Limit is now generating a lot of advantage as they progress on Azshara!

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      Eternal Palace Race Day 4: Za'qul (Almost) Going Down
      Eternal Palace Race Day 3: The Court Disappoints, Za'qul Does Not
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      The Eternal Palace Mythic progress race has begun in the US and OC regions and we already have three bosses down, with 7 guilds on 3/8! Big Dumb Guild and Limit are fighting neck and neck at the very top at the moment and you can watch all the action live!
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      Blizzard has written up a post about the race, covering both the Method and Red Bull streaming events and you can also check out our previous posts on both events here and here.
      Race to World First (source)
      The race to see who can be the first to defeat Azshara in her Eternal Palace begins this week with the best of the best wading in to the depths of this epic raid to see who can make it across the finish line first and claim the World First!
      Live from Redbull’s Gaming Sphere
      Pieces and Limit, take to the big stage at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere on July 16 to begin their quest to be the first to defeat Queen Azshara in her Eternal Palace.
      All the action will be brought to you by world class broadcast talent, including Rich Campbell, Daniel ‘AutomaticJak’ Anzenberger, Caroline ‘Nagura’ Forer, Jack ‘Jacky’ Peters and more.
      Beginning Tuesday, July 16, Limit will start off the race at 8:00 a.m. PDT and will be followed by Pieces at 4:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 17. Where to Watch: Red Bull on Twitch Follow on Twitter: Red Bull Esports, Pieces, Limit Learn more on Redbull.com  
      Method's Live Stream
      Live from Take TV in Germany, gaming guild Method will be hosting 24/7 coverage of the race to world first in The Eternal Palace featuring multiple guilds from all over the world (including Alpha, Ji Tian Hong, Skyline, Aversion, From Scratch, vodkaz and Big Dumb Guild), more players onsite than ever before, your favorite WoW commentator line-up from the community, and much more!
      Stream begins at 6 a.m. with a pre-show event on Tuesday, July 16. Where to Watch: Live on Method's Twitch Channel Follow on Twitter: Method Learn more on Method.gg
      Whose team has what it takes to take it all the way to Queen Azshara and defeat her within her seat of power? Only time will tell.
      The race has begun and this is where you can check out links to all our daily summaries.
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