The Champions Return at the MDI All Stars

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The four teams that had made it to the top during the 2018 Mythic Dungeon Invitational fought it out at BlizzCon for the title of the MDI All Stars Champion!

These teams were 2018 MDI Champions exceL's Angels, runner-up Method NA, third place holders Method PogChamp and Free Marsy, 2017 Champions who replaced the disqualified Gulch Trotters. With only four teams invited, the format was single elimination best out-of-three at +13 key difficulty with different dungeons and varying affixes for each match.

The first match of the day saw our own exceL's Angels facing off against Free Marsy. The first map was The Underrot and the remake curse had to strike right at the beginning. After the remake, Free Marsy jumped ahead of their competition by doing big but still calculated pulls. However, exceL's Angels managed to catch up by pulling trash along with the 2nd and the 3rd boss to maximise the potential of their double Subtlety Rogue composition.

Massive pulls followed for both teams between Sporecaller Zacha and the last boss. With no trash near the Unbound Abomination to feed to the Sub Rogues, exceL's Angels fell behind to Free Marsy's better single target DPS. The Australians went 1-0 ahead.

The second dungeon was Atal'Dazar, where the two opponents followed different routes. Free Marsy went for a big pull at the middle using Time Warp, then jumped down to Rezan. exceL's Angels made a smaller trash pull with Time Warp and then fought Vol'kaal first. Both teams ended up with Priestess Alun'za as the third boss, with the European team opting to CC the two Infested mobs near her. This slowed them down slightly by keeping them in combat. Free Marsy triggered the RP and got to the last boss faster and they ended up winning again.

In the second semifinal, the two Method teams ended up as opponents. Both teams had previously stated that they were taking this All Stars Championship less competitively. Their first map was Temple of Sethraliss. Method NA failed their death skip, which seemed to give their European counterpart the advantage. However, Explosive is a very tricky affix in this dungeon and Method PogChamp wiped because of it at the very last boss. Method NA managed to catch up and steal the map.

The second map was Freehold, where Method NA showed up with a double Sub Rogue comp. This paid off, even with 5 deaths, and again with a score of 2-0 Method NA moved on to the grand final.

With both European teams out, the finalists started their first map which was THE MOTHERLODE!! Method's Dark went on his Unholy Death Knight and we saw some miraculous pulls, with him reaching up to 350k DPS!

Free Marsy also did some crazy pulls and they seemed to have had better practice in the dungeon and a perfect understanding of how much trash they needed to clear. For example, they avoided the trash before the third boss, which caused Method NA to wipe. With a very clean and well executed run, as well as some skips near the end, Free Marsy finished the map first, while Method actually failed the death skip towards the last boss.

The deciding match happened at Shrine of the Storm. We saw both teams Slow Fall to the first boss, although Jodtb opted to stealth through the trash which slowed his team down. Free Marsy made very good use of their Subtlety Rogue, arguably the best DPS out of them all for this dungeon.

The Unholy DK's DPS impressed the audience and the casters again, but it wasn't enough since Method NA had a full team wipe after the 2nd boss. They also failed again with the death skip at the bridge.


So, it was Free Marsy, the 2017 MDI Champions, that ended up winning the BlizzCon All Stars Championship. Their performance was stellar and spotless: they were already known for their clean runs with relatively safe pulls and they seemed more practiced than the other teams.

As far as the MDI meta is concerned, it should be noted that all teams brought Night Elves for the Shadowmeld racial (even though they don't play Alliance on live servers). This made for an interesting viewing experience as all teams used the racial ability in clever ways.

Unsurprisingly, all tanks were Death Knights. We saw a healthy representation of healers with 2 Discipline Priests, a Mistweaver Monk and a Resto Druid. Lastly, the DPS picks were quite limited with Subtlety and Assasination Rogue dominating and Frost Mage appearing in almost all teams. A Demon Hunter usually took the third spot, but we also saw Warlock, Balance Druid and of course Dark's Unholy Death Knight.

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      Sinister Gladiator Title
      The Gladiator title and achievement will now be earnable by winning 50 games above a 2400 rating in 3v3 Arena. Players in the top 0.1% at the end of the season in this bracket will earn the title Sinister Gladiator for Season 2.
      PvP Season 2 Alliance and Horde Mounts Season 2 Mounts
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      Keep an eye on the Player vs. Player Leaderboards during the season to follow who’s making waves at the top.
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      Jewelhammer's Focus Use: Using the focus, carefully extract an embedded gem from one of your socketed items. Allows the holder to interact with shrines around Kul Tiras and Zandalar, focusing the light from the zone through the lens in order to create a geode of gems. Leatherworking
      Mallet of Thunderous Skins Use: Summons a special mount which can only be ridden within Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Allows the player to interact with special drums within Kul Tiras and Zandalar, granting them a buff for 1 hour. Tailoring
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