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[A - Argent Dawn - EU] <The Blood of Heroes> 2/8 M Thu Sun Tue 8 pm-11 pm

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#Most Wanted: 

Mages, Warlocks, Monks! We are full on Hunters and druids, we may have a spot for a feral. We are looking for mythic raiders, heroic raiders willing to progress to mythic and new-comers & returning old-timers! We also accept social players!


<The Blood Of Heroes> is an Argent Dawn (EU) Raiding guild with a 14 year old history that began in Vanilla.

Our pillars are our players.

Our goal for Battle for Azeroth is to balance Real Life and raid progression. We aim to conquer all of World of Warcraft's Dungeon and Raid challenges in an adequate time-frame.

Our environment allows our players to improve themselves by giving them many opportunities and goals, constructive feedback from seasoned raiders or assistance where is needed. We embrace the diversity that accompanies our multi-national roster and encourage communication and interaction whenever possible.


Thursdays 20:00-23:00
Sundays 20:00-23:00 Game Time!
Tuesdays 20:00-23:00

1. Efficiency

2. Competitive Atmosphere

3. Relaxed Attitude


1. Know your class and spec

2. Attendance must be 2/3 or above!

3. Preparation (consumables, add ons, TACTICS)

4. Gearing - you are expected to pursue your own gear outside raiding like M+

5. Minimum item level is >355! Minimum HoA Rank: 21

My name is Aakasha! I'm the recruitment officer and the person responsible for giving trials. You can find me online or in discord @Aakasha#1831
I expect logs, progress links and/or achievements. Your application will be considered by all officers available or if necessary discussed during a meeting. We take our job seriously - we expect you to do the same! Toxic behavior and primadonnas don't last in our roster.


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