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Just want some feedback on changes i could make, im prolly goin full tank now ( been dps before but a tank seems to be needed) just went for a haste build to see if i can push some extra numbers out, and ive talked to healers trying some flex and they dont think im squishy atm atleast will see in normal tho.


Feels like im underperforming in some ways regarding dmg taken and dmg output and want some help on what to change if there are any major things.


Logs last raid i tanked - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/5f9dn1j1tl3jqv1t/dashboard/?s=762&e=1142


Armory - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Haedon/simple

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I would advise against death siphon, those runes would be better spent on death strikes. From the logs it looks like you're the OT, and since tank dmg revolves around vengeance that would be why your numbers seem low to you. Your dmg taken is going to seem higher than what you would expect because you are using a full avoidance build thus have smaller blood shields. If you're healers start to complain you are hard to heal then go for more mastery. You can also swap your wep enchant for crusader for the extra str proc/tiny heal.


I like to keep about ~200% mastery raid buffed on mine.



Just my thoughts on a few of the fights I looked at real quick.

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