World First Mythic +21 Atal'Dazar Video

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The gang's back with another World First Mythic+, and they've gone past their previous +20 high score! Atal'Dazar was the place, +21 was the level, and spec_death-knight_blood.png Lepanspec_monk_mistweaver.png Gotyo, spec_demon-hunter_havoc.png Asmondh, spec_hunter_beast-mastery.png Gingì and spec_rogue_assassination.png Speedoflife made it with 2 minutes to spare, besting the same affixes as last time - ability_toughness.jpgFortified, ability_ironmaidens_whirlofblood.jpgBursting, spell_nature_earthquake.jpg Quaking and achievement_nazmir_boss_ghuun.jpg Infested.

Congratulations to them and here's the video from Speed's perspective:

Here are some stats, and just click on the image below if you want more.


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I'm not a big M+ fan  /retired still have my seal of ascension for what it's worth...


grats on the +25  notify me when they do +30 Storms, without a fistweaver/DK 

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