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Counteract Magic proc

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Hey there!

I would like to ask about the Counteract Magic ( https://www.wowhead.com/spell=202428/counteract-magic ) PVP talent.

Do you have any list about the abilities (maybe grouped by class) which trigger this counteract magic talent?

For example:
- Corruption
- Agony
- Unstable Affliction

I searched the whole internet and can't find anything like this... Just I'm courious about the class / DoT 's (I dont really know the all classes).

For example I'm not sure, that rogue's nightblade / rupture / envenom / deadly poison triggers counteract magic etc..


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It's any DoT debuff that is classified as "Magic", so no curses, bleeds, poisons, or diseases.

The talent will be especially helpful against:

Dotlocks and Destros, Shadow and Disci Priests, Fire Mages, Druids, Ele Shaman

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1 hour ago, Trecko said:

So for example nightblade is shadow dmg, so it works against nightblade? Envenom and deadly poison ticks are nature dmg, so it works against them?

That's where the wording is kinda iffy on the tooltip. I'm pretty sure by "magical damage" it means "Magic" debuff types. At least that's what I think it should be, otherwise it would be a bit too OP and essentially always trigger, since everything that isn't a Bleed does some form of non-physical (and thus "magical") damage. Right now I have no way to verify this myself, and I have only seen anecdotal evidence. You could try and have a duel with another player and see if any curses, diseases or poisons do trigger the effect for you.

Edit: So, I just did a quick test fighting some pythons in Nazmir. Their poison debuff is labelled as nature damage but does not trigger Counteract Magic. 

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Yea I understand that it would be OP.

I understand, that is works only against "magic" damage, but there is no definition for "magic" anywhere. The poisons nature damage is maybe not "magic", but the shadow damage of nightblade might be "magic".

That's why I'm asking that maybe someone made a list about the exact spells that trigger Counteract Magic.

(Now I'm writing examples for rouges only, because I only know the rouges deeply, but I'm sure there are other examples from hunters through demon hunters, ending with death knights, which can be hardly to judge that those are "magic" or other DoTs)

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10 hours ago, Trecko said:

but there is no definition for "magic" anywhere.

There are two indicators for any debuff: a colored border around the spell, and a label in the tooltip.

Magic debuffs will have a blue border, and a text next to the spell name in the tooltip saying "Magic". 

The damage types (like shadow, frost or fire damage) are mostly an anachronism of Vanilla WoW, when resistances and such mattered. Nowadays they are mostly flavor text*.


To cure your curiousity, here is a list of all DoTs that are classified "Magic":

Druid: Sunfire, Moonfire, Stellar Flare

Mage: Ignite, Living Bomb

Priest: Shadow Word: Pain, Purge the Wicked, Vampire Touch, Holy Fire

Shaman: Flame Shock

Warlock: Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Siphon Life, Immolate


All other spells and abilities are either Physical, Curses, Poisons, or Diseases, regardless of the magic school the damage is descibed as in the spell describtion.


Edited by jinsu2301
*I am aware that certain class specific mechanics do buff certain spell types, and there are racial restistances and buffs, but they don't matter in this context.

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