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Spriest problems. Not sure what it is

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I was hoping someone could take a look at these logs and tell me, or give me an idea, of what the heck is wrong. It feels like I'm doing things correctly, but the numbers don't reflect that, so something is clearly wrong.  Not sure what it is.

Some things I should mention:  I had no pots cause I was really low on gold and couldn't afford them.

Taloc:  Died on the elevator phase from lasers (first time that has ever happened to me. I know better than that)

Ghuun: Did not get the first dark bargain which meant I got left in the dust for dps compared to everyone else

Is it my rotation? Is it stats?  Is it azerite stuff? I don't know

Don't hold back. Any constructive criticism is welcome.  Meanwhile I'll be crying wishing Legion spriest was back (cause I was actually good at that)

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Disclaimer: I'm still new to raiding. Pretty new to WoW.

I assume you are playing as "Quordryd".

Here are my two cents.

Your ilvl parses are better than your overall parses. I think that's to be expected if you think you are doing everything you can and given how old Uldir is.

Nooblez is the other Shadow Priest in your raid. I generally see them with higher uptimes on Shadow Word Pain and Vampiric Touch, around 10% more than you sometimes. That's something you could work on.

Not sure what to say about your traits, stats, and rotation -- I don't know how to see them through Warcraft Logs, if that is possible.


Potential talent optimizations (minor):

I did notice that you use Shadow Word: Void. Consider using the Mind Flay + Mind Blast damage/insanity talent. "Fortress of the Mind", I believe it is called. In my sims, it performs better than SWV in single-target scenarios (i.e. raiding).

I noticed some use of Dark Void -- it's probably better to swap it for Misery or Twist of Fate in a raid.

I would sim these talents for yourself.


Do you use enchantments? Ring and weapon enchantments can go a long way, particularly for Shadow Priest I feel. Only other tip I can provide is to remember to use your defensives, particularly Dispersion.

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If this is your armory, and since there is only one 120 listed with that name I would assume it is, then I would change your talents to Misery, Lingering Insanity, and legacy of the void. The last two are a must. Misery is good if you can't handle keeping the uptime of your vampiric touch and shadow word: pain perfect. As well, Crit and Haste are our number one and 2 stats as shadow right now. (may change with gear level and current raid tier.) 13% haste is quite low. 

Now, the armory itself shows you in Disc spec and azerite pieces. Overall your item level seems low overall with your neck only being at level 23. I cant really comment on how your azerite pieces are because of the spec and gear you are in currently, according to that armory. So outside of judging what your gear is, I would change the above talents and focus on haste and crit for stats. As well, you need to farm azerite power to get your neck up for the essences. 

EDIT: Didn't realize this post was from MONTHS ago. Apologies. 

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