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[Mal'ganis][H]<The Heartless Council>(8/9M 2/2H) LFM

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Days: T, W, TH
Times: 11PM-1:30AM CST
COS: 2/2H
BOD: 8/9M 9/9H
Uldir: 7/8M, 8/8H
Realm: Mal'ganis
Faction: Horde

Who Are We?
The Heartless Council is a guild formed of highly parsed players from a previous team that want to continue progress. We are looking for similar skilled and dedicated players to push CE this tier. Players should be playing at 80% or higher and be able to keep up attendance. If you do not currently have required parses and are interested then do your best to catch our eye and prove your worth.


BOD: CURRENTLY looking for new core raiders to push Jaina progression. Looking for RESTO SHAMAN(NO OTHER HEALER) and DPS such as RET, BM HUNTER, DESTRO LOCK, BOOMIE, SPRIEST. PLEASE add ALL of us so we can chat ASAP!! 
Always accepting all exceptional players for future tiers & mythic +
We are also willing to absorb and help another late night raid group, preferably during main off-nights!

Current Roster: 21 and growing quickly, looking to expand to 23-25 for mythic & bench.

Shamcron#1812 or Brewcron#4189(Discord)
Rivrine#1552 or Tiggerqt#5283(Discord)

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