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Question about azarite traits

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Hello I currently play a balance druid and a question has been on my mind for quite awhile, If i had a piece of azarite gear with the best traits but it was ilvl 340 should I replace that with a piece of azarite gear that is 370 with bad traits? I cant seem to find any high ilvl azarite gear with good traits.

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Hi lazyjoebear

I do it by your name (lazy 🙂 ) and copy&paste what is written in the balance-druid-guide on icy veins:


The first thing to consider when assessing your Azerite pieces is item level. Generally, most traits will be beaten out by a 15 item level increase on an piece of gear. The Intellect alone provides a substantial damage boost. For some traits, either very bad (High Noon IconHigh Noon) or very good (Streaking Stars IconStreaking Stars) it is best to simulate your options using Top Gear on Raidbots as the trait may be worth far less or more than 15 item levels.


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