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Best dungeon for ret mythic loot?

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hi guys - first post here. 


Its a random one I know but hoping to get some pointers. Which dungeons are the best for Ret paladin loot? Is there an out and out best one or a combination of 2-3. I primarily focus on PVP but i need to have a decent base ilevel it seems before people will take me on in their mythic dungeons (from the pugs etc). I realise this is more like 5 questions in one as there is no one best thing usually but i am really looking for any general guidance people can throw my way I guess. 


I am currently (through various AH purchases) sat at 340 ilevel and so I would like to get better than this obviously but if I only have enough cash for one boost through a mythic dungeon, which one would be the best do you think? based on loot drops etc? anyone have a preference or a favourite? 


thank you for your time. 

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King's Rest, there's a two-hand sword with a bleed effect which is considered BiS. Siege of Boralus is also a good option for weapon drops. Tol'Dagor or Underrot for a trinket.

If you can't find any groups for higher M+, you might wanna run some low keys first to get a baseline raider.io score. And while you do that, learn the mobs and bosses and their abilities, it's gonna be crucial in higher keys.

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