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I'm a death knight looking for a raiding guild. i was a DPS in ToT until that group broke up and the newest patch arrived then switched to tanking and got 10/14 SoO until ,also, that group disbanded, hence this post.


I'm looking for at least 3 nights per week raiding in the time frame of 19.30-00.00 realm time, in a grown up guild with people knowing their class and can stick together. On the casual/quarter-hardcore/semi-hardcore/threequartershardcore/hardcore axis I can't say where I belong or the guild I'm looking for. My tanking ilevel is 557 and dps is 546. Currently i am in the Magtheridon server on alliance side but can change servers and factions


So, pls pick me I can't go back to being an LFR hero. wink.png




Cheers, Tuiza.

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