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at 5 stacks of mongoose bite

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So I wonder what do you prio when sitting at 5 stacks of MB, guide says

1. if SS falls

2. if 2 charges (or almost) of Wildfire Bomb 

3. MB

So I have been doing this but feels like a DPS loss to me but not 100% sure

I was in this LFR group with a Surv hunter 378 ilvl doing cool dps, who btw ignored me this simple question, so I checked the logs and he almost ignore SS (5 casts in 3:15min), just spam MB, Bomb and KC

What are your thoughts on this?

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I tend to forget about SS a lot when spamming MB and doesn't hurt my dmg much, though I try to time my MB spam with the poison bomb so that I can do 3/4x MB, WfB to refresh SS, then continue spamming MB.

Keeping SS up is a passive dps boost since it's a dot, and with Latent Poison, a further boost to MB, likely why it's a prio. Whereas MB is seen as a focus dump.

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