[Stormrage][A]<The Space Force> 5/8M LF Tank + RDPS

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<The Space Force> is a newly formed guild consisting of veteran players who are CE-experienced and a raid leader who previously led top 150 guilds.
With obligations and demands outside of WoW, we are dedicated to achieving CE on a limited schedule. While we are serious about raiding, we value maintaining a chill community and having fun without sacrificing progression.
About us:
  • Progression: 5/8M, 8/8H, 8/8N
  • Raid Times: Tuesday & Thursdays - 8PM-11PM ET
  • Goal: Cutting Edge & preparing for 8.1
We are always looking for exceptional players but our recruitment needs are as follows:
  • BDK w/ strong DPS OS(very high)
  • BrM w/ strong DPS OS (high)
  • Closed
  • BM Hunter (very high)
  • Mage (high)
  • Warlock (very high)
  • Ele-Shaman w/ Resto Off-Spec (high)
  • Shadow Priest w/ Holy Off-Spec (high)
  • Boomkin w/ Resto Off-Spec (high)
  • Strong DPS MS w/ equally strong healing OS
What we're looking for:
  • Previous mythic (CE preferred) experience
  • 375+ with level 26+ artifact neck
  • Like-minded, mature and reliable players who are experts in their class and have optimized gear
  • Play smart and efficiently to progress on a limited schedule
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us:
  • Discord: Zurikyu#9331
  • Battle.net: Zurikyu#1360
Looking forward to hear from y'all soon!

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