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Weekly Changelog 18 Dec. 2013

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Here is our website changelog for the past 7 days. We have mostly been busy with Hearthstone, because there was a new patch last week that required some updates and we also have to prepare for the beginning of the open beta. Our Christmas Contest has also kept us very busy, as we had to keep an eye on the entries and try to get it promoted on other websites. Despite all that, we managed to do a few updates on the website: Brawler's Guild, classes, and raids (mostly).




Following the release of the latest Hearthstone patch last week, we played the game a lot to test the new ranking system and the 12-win Arena mode. Many of our Hearthstone guides have been updated to reflect the changes brought by the patch.


We are also working on new content, which includes in-depth guides for Arena and Ranked modes. To help us in this significant task, we have enlisted the help of Poyo, Guild Master of the World of Warcraft guild Envy, who has an extensive TCG background and was ranked #9 in Europe last week for Hearthstone.




Our guide for Siegecrafter Blackfuse has been updated to include the strategy for Heroic mode.




We have made two minor changes in our rotations for Blood Death Knights and Fury Warriors. We added a mention of ability_deathknight_soulreaper.jpgSoul Reaper in the Blood Death Knight rotation. We removed warrior_talent_icon_stormbolt.jpgStorm Bolt from our advanced rotations and, instead, we added a lot of links to a paragraph that gives very important information about how to use Storm Bolt.


Christmas Contest


The Christmas Contest has been taking a lot of our time, as we had to check that all the submissions were valid (i.e., that they were indeed created by the person who had submitted them). The submission period has ended, but we are going to give people another 12 hours and on Friday evening, we will announce the top 10 or 15 submissions from which our readers will choose the 5 winners.


Things to Come


With the Hearthstone open beta on the horizon, we will need to keep working on Hearthstone content, even during the Christmas Holidays. Organizing the last part of the Christmas Contest is also going to take up quite a bit of our time. That said, we will try to publish another Heroic-mode update and guides for another Brawler's Guild tier, by next week.

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