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Focus on one or many classes?

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Just started playing Diablo 3 recently on the switch. I have almost completed Act 5 and just hit lv 70, playing as necromancer.

I plan on season 16 being my first season and from what I understand only one character can get Haedrig's gifts per season. From what I have read, the armor sets from this gifts are some of the best, eg the rathma set for necromancers. If this is the case is it better to focus purely on one class, a couple, or is it possible to make strong builds for all classes?

Also, I know these sets can be farmed for outside of the season, but I am under the impression they are hard to come by.

The leaderboard has no interest to me, I am more interested in completing achievements and being able to player on higher difficulties as a sense of accomplishment.




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Hi, Crimson. Welcome to the endless fun that is Diablo 3.

You should aim to master 1 class first, especially in terms of Haedrig's Gifts. You will earn 3 Haedrig's Gifts by completing the season journey Chapters 2 through 4, with each giving you 1/3 of the set (about 2 pieces). After opening the 3 Gifts, you will have a full set.

To correct you, one account can earn the 3 Haedrig's Gifts per season. This means that if you play a Necro and a Barb, you will only receive 3 Haedrig's Gifts (1 full set), not 2 full sets. Hence, it is optimal to only use the Gifts on 1 character (e.g., only the Necro).

The Gifts only offer mediocre pieces. However, you should use the boost of power from wearing the set to continue farming for better gear. Sets are not difficult to obtain as the drop chance increase with difficulty. Hence, it is possible to play all characters using great builds for each in the same season.

Good hunting, nephalem.

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Everyone plays the game differently and enjoys doing different things. I thinks it's fun to tinker with more than one class, but it can also become a little overwhelming in the beginning when you're not intimitely knowledgeable about them. I'd say focus on one class for now and go with a second one later.

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