Blogspot Vs Wordpress

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Blogger Vs Wordpress  

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I'm thinking to make some simple Java guide to my friends on Blogspot or Wordpress but couldn't decide which one better. Let say if you want to make some guide about cooking, which of these you choose?

Or maybe you can give suggestion for other web site rather than blogspot/wordpress?

Thanks in advance!

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Icy Veins? ;)

I find Wordpress not too bad not really had much of a look at blogger though. Make sure you post them her when you've done them though would love a read of some cooking guides etc!

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Wordpress is an open source software. On, what they offer you is a premade installation of their software on which you can run your blog, though I believe you can do other things.

Blogspot is just a blogging platform where you can make your own blog.

If you're serious about starting a blog and actually maintaining it for a long period of time, you should go with Wordpress as you can, most likely, move your blog to your own hosting solution, if it turns out that you want to add plugins and addons to Wordpress that are not allowed on the free website.

If you just want a hosting solution for quickly creating and sharing content, then either is fine. If you want to write wow guides, please use our forums :D

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