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2 Piece v 4 Piece- Prot

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If you find yourself using Eternal Flame often in fights, on yourself as the 4set doesnt work on other targets, the 4set will provide you with actually provide uptime on your shield. However, it really depends on how often you're using Eternal Flame. You'd likely be using it every 30 seconds. This means your shield uptime will be increased by ~10% by this 4set, since you will keep your 3 second uptime every 30 seconds. However, if you aren't maximizing Eternal Flame, or have Sacred Shield instead, you will want to go with the heroic pieces. Of course, on progression fights you really should be using eternal flame that often, to help your healers and keep yourself alive.


Personally I find I use Eternal Flame often, but perhaps not often enough to make it good enough when comparing 2 normals + 4set vs 2 heroics. But this is all assuming you are tanking 100% of the time. If you aren't tanking at the time, then the difference becomes DPS, and you should stick to your heroic pieces over your 4set.


Conclusion: Heroic pieces over 4 set unless you need to be healing yourself with Eternal Flame consistently.

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