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First UE Grenade Build - What's Wrong?

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Hey there!

I'm somewhat new to Diablo and maybe I'm just missing something...

I've been following the UE Grenade build on this site and have a decent amount of the required gear, but my damage is super low compared to when I use other Legendary items a-la-cart. Here's what I have so far:

Cage of Hellborn

Fiendish Grips

Unsanctified Shoulders

Fortress Ballista & Dawn

Hellcat Waistguard

Depth Diggers 97% + 13% Grenade DMG

Hell Walkers



Currently level 70 (749) and 

Damage: 485k 


I could really use some help understanding why this build is not panning out. With other gear I was upwards towards 835k damage...

Your help is greatly appreciated! 



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The damage-number from D3 is completly useless and is no indicator how much damage you do.

To be more precise: That is true if you use sets or important legendary affixes. The number is usefull if you just compare rare or legendary items with no special boni.

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