Elemental Which do you like best? Haste or Mastery?

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Hey guys, been a lurker for a while and finally decided to post.  This isn't a whether haste is better than mastery or vice versa thread.  I'm just curious about peoples opinions on what they feel works best for them.  Sometimes you hit an area where you can go all out one way or another with minimal dps gain/loss according to plots.


I've ran my sims and haste is better currently for me.  But i've gone full haste and it didnt feel right.  So i stuck with a more balanced build than hard stacking one of another.  It fits my playstyle.  Sitting at about 33% haste and 77% mastery.  I might try going full haste again since i've gotten a couple of better itemized pieces somewhat recently.


What worked for you?

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