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Back to game after 4 Xpac's... Guidance requested

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I recently fired WoW back up again after having departed right before MoP came out. To say I'm a little overwhelmed would definitely be an understatement. I don't think I even still have my UI set up completely the way I want it. But what is for sure, is that I'm hooked again and am enjoying my playtime.

I played since Vanilla, first starting as Horde on Darkspear but finding my home, lifelong friends and stability as Alliance on the Velen server. I have 2 main toons, a 99 Shaman (enhance/elemental) who I've mostly been playing as & a 85 Paladin (ret/prot). Also a 44 Warlock alt I was working on before my departure. 

My main reason behind this post and inquiry was to find sort of a general guide map on my journey to 120 for someone who's missed the last four expansions. Yes, I imagine most of the answers will be 'whatever you're having fun with', which is alright too, but I am pretty particular when it comes to MMO's. Is it as simple as, follow the current xpac level range you're in quest storyline? Should I fire up the Legion content at 99, or are there other specific things from WoD or MoP that would benefit me as well at 120? I noticed leveling is fast as hell, and I barely made it through the first zones of both WoD and MoP before getting to 99. I got my heirlooms as upgraded as I could and they've been a big help.

I loved professions when I played and enjoyed maxing out a couple of MoP ones even though all previous xpac professions appear useless now? As a Miner/Jewelcrafter/Blacksmith and maxed secondary profs, any items I should be looking at that's profitable or helpful for leveling, or just ignore them all until BfA profs? Unless I missed something, I can make food that gives the same stat bumps that BfA food does? 

I have a ton of old purple PvP items from the end of Cata and a little earlier, should I just vendor those? Is resilience still in the game? They are all lower item level than what I have now at 99. 

Mostly just looking for some general tips and pointers for someone who's basically new now. What are some of the newer systems, I'm aware there's Garrison stuff in WoD, but is it really worth spending time on? I'm also a little broke, so any gold farming strats or items in this level range I can AH would be great information as well.

I love the class guides on this site, they are incredible and it didn't take long to get back into knowing how to play. But it's mostly the overall sense of "too much" that's bugging me and I always prefer direction & guidance instead of leaving the choices up to me, since I always make the bad ones, hah hah! The "adventure guide" in game is nice in that regard too, but I prefer to hear from actual players.

PS Also looking for a guild on the Velen server! (Cross realm guilds aren't possible, right? Still have some friends that play but they abandoned our home. ? )

Thanks for reading, glad to be a part of the community.


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If it's your first time doing that content then going through the story til you reach the next milestone is probably the best way to go about it. Nothing from the old expansion is really all too relevant for BfA.

Professions have been reworked, so every expansion has its own skill level. That means you don't need to skill your way through WoD or Legion skills to get to the BfA recipes. The old skills are mostly irrelevant with a few exceptions like mounts and pets.

Unless they have any kind of sentimental value to you, you can just vendor old items. Resilience is no longer a thing, there is no dedicated PvP gear.

Garrison and Class Halls are irrelevant for BfA. They still offer rewards like transmogs, mounts and achievements, but you can always go back and persue those at max level if you get bored.

Don't worry about gold, it's completely irrelevant until max level. The only thing you should ever spent gold on during leveling is repairs and riding/flying skill. You might get a few extra coins if you throw some greens and blues on the AH, but I don't think it's worth the hassle. Same with old gathering professions, they aren't worth the time investment.

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Thank you sir! Lots of helpful information in there. I was starting to think I wouldn't get any responses. I appreciate it.

I just started the Legion content, and wow, it sure starts off with a bang, huh? I'm not a lore junkie, but it seems weird that the burning legion is once again a problem, didn't we already deal with them in TBC? The enemy feels the same, but those are some pretty fun intro missions as well as the class quests for your weapon(s). The Class Hall with followers seems like a legitimately fun avenue to pursue too. Was Legion a big hit with most players? Definitely is the most fun story content I've done so far, but did not get far in WoD before passing the level range by. Not being able to fly is a pain in the rear though and I looked up the requirements to get Legion flying, sounds like that's better pursued when I'm max level. 

I've noticed old mats can get you a pretty solid profit on the AH. I imagine it's for completionists. So mining & prospecting the ore has been a pretty good source of income from the old xpacs. 

Here's a question - I've sseen that solo'ing old raids is a possibility once you get 120. Is there a chart anywhere I can look at that tells you what item level you should be before you pursue certain ones?

Thanks again for the response Jinsu!


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3 hours ago, Oberyn said:

Here's a question - I've sseen that solo'ing old raids is a possibility once you get 120. Is there a chart anywhere I can look at that tells you what item level you should be before you pursue certain ones?

At 120 you can solo pretty much everything up to Legion with ease (with the exception of the first Boss in Hellfire Citadel). 

Legion Raids are a different beast. Right now it's still a challenge even with high end raid gear, and often involves some cheesing. Class is also a factor, warlock or paladin will fare better than rogue or mage. It also depends on what raid difficulty we are talking about, LFR solo queues for Legion got added with 8.1, and they will obviously be easier than normal or heroic.


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