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Ivus Loot Bug & Suspensions: December 19th

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The Alliance controls Darkshore and the faction has access to a new world boss for the first time since 8.1 launch. Unfortunately, Ivus rewarded more loot than intended and players who abused the bug will be suspended in the coming days.

Ivus Loot Bug

Tiapriestess explained the bug on the official forums and it turns out that a single person received up to 5 pieces of loot from Ivus and Titan Residuum on top of that. Blizzard will remove all loot and currency associated with the bug and suspend all accounts involved soon.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

So are Alliance going to get to farm our world boss for 385 gear for a day when it’s our go around? Or is this going to be another Arathi where it was fixed AFTER horde got to abuse it, and Horde gets to keep the gear from it again?

Just to follow up - we needed to get some extra data together to do it properly, but yes, we’ll be removing the items gained and issuing suspensions for those who abused this bug (with an increasing penalty based on how excessive the abuse was). The reason it’s taken an extra few days is that we needed to make sure we were also cleaning up any extra Titan Residuum gained from this.

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Hmm. Hope I don't get banned. I killed it three times on my rogue in an attempt to actually get the dang thing to let me use my bonus roll before I gave up on it as a waste of time (seriously people, switch to the wisps, hitting him while he is immune does nothing!)

Also I didn't do anything to 'exploit' him, I just stayed in the group that I joined for the WQ and he kept his 'silver dragon' icon around him.

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well you can bonus roll on any raid boss as often as you want/can and this worldboss was just released. why would you think that this was a bug and not intended?

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I think I killed him twice or maybe 3 times on my main...first time I couldn't use my bonus roll. After that I noticed he still had the silver dragon so queued up again killed again and was prompted to use my bonus roll that time. So, maybe just twice not 3 times. But, I ran my two alts in fairly quick succession so I don't remember exactly. It is kinda funny when Blizz punishes people for doing stuff that is allowed because Blizz screwed up...but then doesn't reward us when they screw up in different ways that prevents us from playing at all. Kind of a double standard. 

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On 12/20/2018 at 4:35 AM, multiboxing said:

isn't playtesting supposed to prevent this *filtered* from happening! Do your jobs right the first time blizzard!


It is very weird because there's this "programming 101" part where you use "inheritance". In this particular case, it should mean Ivus is using code that all other world bosses have (such as the "1 loot per week" rule), but obviously for some reason, this doesn't seem to be the case.


Tried it in my best layman's terms as I could describe it, so it may come over as crude ?

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Killed him at least once per main and alts.  Only 2 Characters were lucky to get helm upgrades the rest got gold.  However it isn't just Ivus that is not giving credit to players when they queue up for him.  Had trouble receiving credit for the water elemental on Darkshore when it was up as a world quest along with several others over in Zuldazar as well.  I've also noticed that even some of the Assault (Horde) world quests are slightly 'buggy' as well.

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