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Blizzard's Overview of Collectibles Added in Patch 8.1

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An overview of mounts, toys, battle pets and other rewards that have been added in Tides of Vengeance.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

There’s a bounty of new mounts, pets, toys, and gear available in Tides of Vengeance. We’ve rounded up a selection of what’s available to help you formulate a plan of action.


Green Marsh Hopper Mount
Pictured — Green Marsh Hopper Green Marsh Hopper


We hope you’ve a stash of gold at hand, because you’ll need it to purchase the new Marsh Hopper.

Vendor Gottum in Nazmir will want 333,333 gold for each variation of this new mount which comes in blue, green, and yellow.


  • Ashenvale Chimaera Ashenvale Chimaera: Drop (Alash'anir)
    Ashenvale chimaeras were used frequently by the Kaldorei to decimate structures in battles against the humans, orcs, and undead.
  • Blackpaw Blackpaw: Drop (Agathe Wyrmwood)
    Blackpaw was just hibernating, minding his own business, and then suddenly there was a warfront.
  • Kaldorei Nightsaber Kaldorei Nightsaber: Drop (Croz Bloodrage)
    The connection between a nightsaber and its hunter or huntress is nearly inseparable.
  • Umber Nightsaber Umber Nightsaber: Drop (Moxo the Beheader)
    Nightsabers are an integral part of the Kaldorei’s army, serving as both mount and assault weapon in one.


  • Azureshell Krolusk Azureshell Krolusk: Vendor (Provisioner Stoutforge) — 200 7th Legion Service Medals
    Captured from the desolate sands of Vol’dun, this mount is surprisingly docile in captivity.
  • Bloodthirsty Dreadwing Bloodthirsty Dreadwing: Vendor (Provisioner Mukra) — 750 Honorbound Service Medals
    The forsaken prefer the use of these bloodthirsty hunters, both for their speed as a mount, and the psychological effect they have on their enemies.
  • Priestess’ Moonsaber: Vendor (Provisioner Stoutforge) — 750 7th Legion Service Medals
    Once these elegant cats were only given to high-ranking priestesses of Elune, but now they ride into battle with all manner of champion, in the service of vengeance.
  • Rubyshell Krolusk Rubyshell Krolusk: Vendor (Provisioner Mukra) — 200 Honorbound Service Medals
    Captured from the desolate sands of Vol’dun, this mount is surprisingly docile in captivity.


  • Bloodgorged Hunter Bloodgorged Hunter: Drop
    If he wasn’t so full, you wouldn’t have caught him.
  • Island Thunderscale Island Thunderscale: Drop
    One of the larger native dragon species on Azeroth, this subspecies subsists almost entirely on fish. And fishermen.
  • Risen Mare Risen Mare: Drop 
    Something terrible happened in the lost town of Havenswood.
  • Saltwater Seahorse Saltwater Seahorse: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 500 Seafarer’s Dubloons
    These giant seahorses are naturally curious and are often found exploring sunken ship wreckage for shiny things.
  • Siltwing Albatross Siltwing Albatross: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 1000 Seafarer’s Dubloons
    One of the rarest of birds seen on the islands of the Great Sea, and a prized possession amongst traders, if they can capture it.
  • Stonehide Elderhorn Stonehide Elderhorn: Drop
    Stonehide elderhorns, one of the few types of moose to inhabit island climates, have thinner fur than most elderhorns.


The Hivemind Mount
The Hivemind The Hivemind

Drop: The Hivemind
 A true union of the minds.

Newly discovered by the WoW Secret Finding community—check back after the new year for our insights on this new secret mount and visit Warcraft Secrets to get started on the path to adding this new mindbending mount to your collection.



  • Trecker: Vendor (Provisioner Stoutforge) — 100 7th Legion Service Medals
    One of the earliest recorded victories in a large battle on Zandalar depicted mighty warriors riding into battle on armored raptors. The legend has it that the warrior did not choose their raptor, but that the raptor would choose the warrior.
  • Tanzil: Vendor (Provisioner Mukra) — 100 Honorbound Service Medals
    During certain times of the day, the sunlight can cause a reflection on the feathers of the red-tinted raptors causing them to look more like flames than feathers.
  • Void Jelly: Drop (Soggoth the Slitherer)
    This jelly has seen better days. Now it sees through fifty different eyes.
  • Zur'aj the Depleted: Drop (Twilight Prophet Graeme)
    Once a mighty warrior of the n’raqi, Zur’aj’s power was stolen and absorbed by an unknown rival.


  • Albino Duskwatcher: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 200 Seafarer’s Dubloons 
    Albino ravens are incredibly rare and highly prized amongst the traders of the Great Sea.
  • Baby Stonehide: Drop
    The playful kicks of these baby moose are enough to knock an orc flat on his back.
  • Crimson Octopode: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 100 Seafarer’s Dubloons
    The crimson species of Octopode grows larger and hardier than others, and is capable of sustaining crushing pressure in the depths.
  • Firesting Buzzer: Drop 
    Firesting wasps are said to have one of the worst bites of any wasp species, causing a pain like a burning blaze.
  • Leatherwing Screecher: Drop 
    We don’t know much about this species, but we do know this: bats aren’t bugs.
  • Needleback Pup: Drop 
    The needleback porcupines have survived life in island climates by evolving to be extra lucky.
  • Rotting Ghoul: Drop 
    Get it while it lasts.
  • Scritches: Drop 
    Key activities include: rolling over, sunning self, whimpering for belly scratches, and enjoying belly scratches.
  • Shadefeather Hatchling: Drop 
    Though barely a hatchling, its claws are already sharp enough to pierce the flesh of many smaller critters.
  • Thunderscale Whelpling: Drop 
    These whelps are frequently captured by the denizens of Jorundall when still young and trainable.
  • Tonguelasher: Drop
    It has one solution to all of its problems: give em’ a lashing.
  • Lord Woofington: Drop 
    Lord Woofington was given his title after the rest of the denizens of Havenswood succumbed to madness.


Cranky Crab Toy
Pictured–Gnarlwood Waveboard Gnarlwood Waveboard and Cranky Crab Cranky Crab Toy


  • Dark Ranger's Spare Cowl Dark Ranger's Spare Cowl — Horde Quest Reward
    Change your appearance to look like a Dark Ranger.
  • Brynja's Beacon Brynja's Beacon — Horde Quest Reward
    Beseech Brynja from death to serve as your spirit healer for 1 day.



  • Cranky Crab Cranky Crab: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 200 Seafarer’s Dubloons
    Summons a very cranky crab for your battle pet to ride on.
  • Gnarlwood Waveboard Gnarlwood Waveboard: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 500 Seafarer’s Dubloons
    Allows you to surf across water. “Gnarlwood tends to grow in a tubular fashion.”
  • Hand Anchor Hand Anchor: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 150 Seafarer’s Dubloon
    Use the anchor as a weapon.


  • Azerite Firework Launcher Azerite Firework Launcher: Drop — Champions of Azeroth Supplies (Paragon) 
    Launch unstable Azerite skyward in a dazzling display.
  • Bewitching Tea Set Bewitching Tea Set: Drop — Order of Embers Supplies (Paragon) 
    Lay out a bewitching tea party for your friends.
  • Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish Bowl of Glowing Pufferfish: Drop — Tortollan Seekers Supplies (Paragon) 
    Lay out a bowl of glowing pufferfish.
  • For da Blood God! For da Blood God!: Drop —Talanji’s Expedition Supplies (Paragon) 
    It lives when it spills. Your life for da blood.
  • Goldtusk Inn Breakfast Buffet Goldtusk Inn Breakfast Buffet: Drop — Voldunai Supplies (Paragon)
    Lay out a breakfast buffet fit for a king, de best de Goldtusk Inn has to offer. 
  • Kojo's Master Matching Set Kojo's Master Matching Set: Drop — Tortollan Seekers Supplies (Paragon)
    Play a round of Kojo’s expanded shell game.
  • Meerah's Jukebox Meerah's Jukebox: Drop — Voldunai Supplies (Paragon) 
    Set up a rickety jukebox featuring Meerah’s greatest hit!
  • Proudmoore Music Box Proudmoore Music Box: Drop —Proudmoore Admiralty Supplies (Paragon) 
    Places an ornately crafted wind up music box bearing the Proudmoore crest.)
  • Rallying War Banner Rallying War Banner : Drop 7th Legion Supplies or Honorbound Supplies (Paragon)
    Plant a war banner and rally nearby troops!
  • Warbeast Kraal Dinner Bell: Drop — Zandalari Empire Supplies (Paragon)
    Feed a fallen ally to ravasaurs.

New Gear and Customizations


  • Transmog: Red Tricorne Hat Red Tricorne Hat: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 100 Seafarer’s Dubloons
    Suitable for transmogrification and fashionable seafaring.
  • Transmog: Grey Tricorne Hat Grey Tricorne Hat:  Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 100 Seafarer’s Dubloons
    Suitable for transmogrification and fashionable seafaring.
  • Transmog: Blue Tricorne Hat Blue Tricorne Hat: Vendors Captain Klarisa/Captain Zen'taga — 100 Seafarer’s Dubloons
    Suitable for transmogrification and fashionable seafaring.


Alliance Darkshore Warfront Armor Sets
Pictured — Alliance Darkshore Warfront Armor Sets
Horde Darkshore Warfront Armor Sets
Pictured – Horde Darkshore Warfront Armor Sets


  • War-Torn Royal Blue Cloak War-Torn Royal Blue Cloak: Vendor (Provisioner Stoutforge) — 50 7th Legion Service Medals
    The torn cloak of a fallen warrior, worn as a symbol of remembrance. Suitable for transmogrification.
  • Royal Blue Cloak Royal Blue Cloak: Vendor (Provisioner Stoutforge) — 125 7th Legion Service Medals
    A well-made cloak worn by battle commanders. Suitable for transmogrification.
  • War-Torn Crimson Cloak War-Torn Crimson Cloak: Vendor (Provisioner Mukra) — 50 Honorbound Service Medals
    The torn cloak of a fallen warrior, worn as a symbol of remembrance. Suitable for transmogrification.
  • Fine Crimson Cloak Fine Crimson Cloak: Vendor (Provisioner Mukra) — 125 Honorbound Service Medals
    A well-made cloak worn by battle commanders. Suitable for transmogrification.


Night Warrior Night Elf Customizations

Night Elf Customizations
Pictured — Male and Female Night Elf Customizations

Alliance players who complete Tyrande’s Ascension questline in Darkshore and earn the achievement “In Teldrassil’s Shadow” will unlock the new Night Warrior customization options available to night elves. These can be accessed with a night elf in character creation or in the Barber Shop.

Dwarf and Blood Elf Heritage Armor

Players with maximum-level (120) blood elves or dwarves who are Exalted with their faction (Silvermoon City or Ironforge respectively) are able to embark on a new quest line for each race to learn more about their history. Once you complete your quest, you’ll gain a new Heritage Armor transmog set unique to your race and be able to show off your pride.

Dwarf Heritage Armor
Pictured — Dwarf Heritage Armor
Blood Elf Heritage Armor
Pictured — Blood Elf Heritage Armor


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the new patch just dropped.  The new raid starts in less than a month.  Invasions started up again.  War campaign continued. 

On 12/22/2018 at 1:35 PM, Rooach said:

Who cares about real content when you got pets and mounts amirite


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