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See You Later Dynamic Bundle

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Blizzard is soon retiring 3 mounts, pets, and helms that can be purchased as part of the See You Later Bundle until January 6.

The bundle costs 49.95 EUR // USD and includes:

According to the shop description, items in the bundle will enter hibernation on January 6, meaning they won't be available in the shop until further notice. The bundle is dynamic, which means the bundle's total price will be reduced if you already own one or more items from the bundle.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Go big. Save bigger.

This limited-time bundle includes all pets, mounts, and helms that are about to enter hibernation in the Blizzard Archive on January 6, 2019. Get them all now, in one fell swoop, before it’s too late!*

Add to Your Collection


Three cheeky companions

Welcome Lil’ XT, Cenarion Hatchling, and Moonkin Hatchling into your pet collection. Includes both the Horde and Alliance version of the Moonkin Hatchling.


Three remarkable mounts

Ride into the sunset with the Grinning Reaver, Armored Bloodwing, and Swift Windsteed. Each of these mounts will travel as fast as your riding skill will take you.


Three imposing helms

Add some extra “oomph” to your transmogrified outfits with the icy Crown of Eternal Winter, the fiery Jewel of the Firelord, and the demonic Hood of Hungering Darkness. Hand wash separately.

  • Items in the See You Later Bundle will enter hibernation on January 6, 2019 and will no longer be available in the Blizzard® Shop or in-game shop (until further notice). These items may return at some point in the future.
  • This is a dynamic bundle, which means the bundle’s total price will be reduced if you already own one or more of the items this bundle contains. Log in to see your price.
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    Artificial scarcity strikes again, unless you are a hardcore mount and pet collector, it's not worth buying. Have in mind that these might eventually return.

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    1 hour ago, Arcling said:

     Have in mind that these might eventually return.

    Even if they return, they will be alot more expensive than it is with each single pricereduction now. 

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    6 minutes ago, Rooach said:

    Nope, 3 helmets for 5 and i wouldve bought them but like this? Not a single penny

    i didnt watched the helmets (also because im not interested in them), but the pets in this bundle are also reduced if you buy them one by one. This means 5 instead of 15 for example. I didnt checked it yet if that is the case with helmets as well, but im sure you can do that on your own. 😉

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    2 hours ago, Arcling said:

    Artificial scarcity strikes again, unless you are a hardcore mount and pet collector, it's not worth buying. Have in mind that these might eventually return.

    They are a granted addition to the Black Market Auction House.

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    3 hours ago, Arcling said:

    Artificial scarcity strikes again, unless you are a hardcore mount and pet collector, it's not worth buying. Have in mind that these might eventually return.

    At an inflated price, no doubt.  Hahaha

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    On the EU Servers, they are flogging this thing at £40.00, down from £123.00.

    As to whether this is "worth it" or not, all depends on your needs. I mean, is mount collecting something you enjoy, and if so do "purchase" mounts even count for that? Maybe you are into Pet Battles, and like the idea of using the ones on offer in this bundle. Or perhaps you are just a Fashionista - assuming these even count towards the collection requirement..

    I spent about 5 minutes, and looked into it. Apart from the new Vulpine Familiar, all the mounts are currently on sale. Most of them, the three in this bundle included, are going for £9.50, down from £19.00 the only exception being the Warforged Nightmare, which is £13.50 down from £27.00 because it's a special snowflake mount. The pets are all on sale at £4.50, down from £9.00 except for the latest one, the Whomper, which retains it's full price; and the helmets are all on sale at £4.00, down from £13.00

    To buy these items individually at their current sale price, would cost you £54.00, so the bundle does save you £14.00 - effectively getting the hats for free. 

    So, are you a mount collector? Then what you really should ask yourself is, are at least two of these mounts something I would have bought at full price? If the answer is yes, then you this is a good deal - you would be paying £38 for two mounts previously. For just an extra £2.00 you're getting a third mount, some pets and the transmog as a bonus.

    And if you are you a pet collector? Well, if you wouldn't say no to shelling out the money for these pets at full price, you're paying a little more than the mount collecter for the "bonus." The pets would have cost you £27.00, leaving a £13.00 difference. If at least one of the mounts is something you might have purchased, then you're golden. Otherwise, you're effectively paying the extra for something you essentially don't want, or need.

    If transmog is your only passion, then you might better off just looking for the sales, and forking over £12.00 for shiny hats. You still save a whopping £21.00, but you won't be shelling out £28.00 for shinnies you aren't really into. 

    As for this being a "last chance" well that's likely down to later demand. If there's enough people asking for them back at a later date, you can be sure they will be making a comeback - but probably back at the original, full price. Pleas also bare in mind that since most of the other shop stuff is also in the sales, if you have a preference for something other than in this deal, you should check those out instead.

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      • By Starym
        Today was very eventful after yesterday's lack of action, as we got three kills and a whole lot of progress on Restless Cabal, as well as our first look at Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void. We've already talked about the impressive Pieces World First earlier, and we've had two more kills since then, with Limit finally getting the boss down and an old familiar face popping back up to the top, as vodkaz took home the World 3rd on the first encounter of Crucible of Storms.
        Unfortunately for the race, today was also probably Limit's last in this particular race, as they'd previously announced they'd only be raiding for 2 days. They'll be resuming raiding on Monday, but they'll be too far behind by then and the race might even be over then. The upcoming MDI cup on Friday will be making 7 of their raiders unavailable and it's hard for the rest to get enough vacation days to compete full time, so they decided to just go full out for these 2 days.
        But returning to their World 2nd, US/OC 1st 1/2 kill, it took them 202 pulls and around 24 hours of total play on the Cabal to get it done, and after some setup tweaking with 1 less Priest they finally did:

        And here's their full raid composition:

        Around two hours after Limit, we had another kill as vodkaz joined the leaderboard, after a long time away from the top-end race.
        And finally, we have a whole lot of Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void footage from Limit, who progressed on him for quite a while. Here's their first pulls on the boss and figuring out of strategies, but feel free to click through for (relatively) longer pulls later on.

        And so Pieces end today with a huge lead, as their closest competitor has stopped raiding, although vodkaz wasn't that far behind Limit. The big questions for today are whether Method will be taking Cabal down and if they'll even get the 4th kill, as Aversion (EU) was the closest guild yesterday with their 0.3%/9% wipe. Presumably Uu'nat will be even more of a challenge than Cabal, so there shouldn't be any big news there. Your best bet for some final boss action this afternoon will be vokaz streams, specifically davidq42's.
        And as always, head on over to Method's live progress coverage for the latest updates, clips etc. Method also did a daily recap show featuring @FinalBossTV @RichWCampbell @PreachGaming @Nobbel87 and surprise guests, but the stream went out around midnight CET so they didn't catch Limit or vodkaz's kills:

      • By Starym
        Pieces Take the World First on Restless Cabal
        - Someone other than Method and Limit took down a really hard boss! Check out their setup and more.
        Crucible of Storms M Race Day 1: Cabal Lives!
        - Limit get the bosses down below 10%, use a whole lot of Shadow Priests and we have their best try video as well. ______________________________________________________________________
        The Crucible of Storms Mythic race started today with NA guilds having started their day around 4 hours ago. There were some authentification server issues, but they were resolved within an hour and the first boss, the Restless Cabal, has survived so far. We have Limit at 43 attempts with their best at 39%/46% on the two bosses, so at least the first boss isn't quite as much of a pushover as the others in the larger raids.

        While Crucible only has two bosses, the race is really only about the final boss, as we saw in Battle of Dazar'alor, where all 8 pre-Jaina bosses were defeated in two days but she still made it to the very end of the first week. Blizzard have stated that the tuning on Uu'nat is supposed to be on the same level as Jaina, but it's slightly unclear if they meant today's Jaina, after all the nerfs and with the huge item level bump from a fully cleared and farmed Dazar'alor or if they meant the difficulty of Jaina while the top guilds were progressing on her back in February.
        In any case, Crucible of storms might just be a really quick two-day affair with Limit cleaning up before EU guilds get a real crack at the win, but it could also be as much of a race as Uldir and Dazar'alor were, or even more so. For comparison, Trial of Valor took three days with its three bosses, and Helya was a pretty decent endboss, although it still wouldn't be considered a "proper" race due to the length.
        In other race-related news, Method's Cayna recently talked about the guild's preparations for the race and how they differed from Uldir and BoD, as well as whether there will be much of a competition at all and what he thinks of the raid overall. As always, head on over to Method's raid progress coverage for live updates.

        Will Crucible be a quick couple of days clear, or is Uu'nat going to be a real challenge after all?
      • By Starym
        Well, it seems Crucible of Storms may yet be one for the books! We have our first World First of the raid, and it's a very special one. Pieces have managed to grab the kill on the Restless Cabal and clear 50% of the raid, ahead of both Limit and Method. This is a pretty big deal as we haven't had a new contender for the World First title in quite a while, especially not from the EU. And while guilds such as Wildcard Gaming and Big Dumb Guild have gotten plenty of WFs in the past, it was only on early bosses with the NA advantage. So for a EU guild to break through and take the boss down, while Limit sit at 9%/7% with their headstart, and Method at 14% and 22%, is incredibly impressive.
        Here's their raid composition, with "only" 8 Priests - 5 Shadow and 3 Disc.

        While the roles and specs aren't all processed yet, they're easy to figure out from the Azerite Powers.
        We don't have any kill clips or killshots, unfortunately, or nerdscreams most importantly (although they wouldn't be that crazy considering it was a one-day kill). In any case, huge congratulations to Pieces, and welcome to the No.1 spot of WoW raiding, for now at least. Now let's see if they can get Uu'nat before the two top dogs as well! Meanwhile, you can check out both Limit and Method's progress live, as they're streaming right now.

      • By Stan
        There's currently a display error which causes the "Against Overwhelming Odds" quest to show incorrect item level of the reward. Blizzard increased the item level of Azerite rewards to item level 400 and non-Azerite rewards to item level 395 yesterday.
        When Patch 8.2 goes live, "Against Overwhelming Odds" will be removed from a character's quest log if it hasn't been turned in before it becomes unavailable during the weekly reset. If the quest's available three weeks in a row and you accept it during the first week, it won't be removed from your quest log unless you turn it in.
        Blizzard (Source)
        There is currently a display error which is causing some characters that are eligible to receive the “Against Overwhelming Odds” quest to see an incorrect item level listed as the reward. However, the rewards are working as intended. Azerite rewards are now meant to be item level 400 and non-Azerite rewards are now meant to be item level 395. The quest chooses one at random for each character. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue and have the correct item level displayed.
        As an additional note, when Rise of Azshara releases, this quest will be removed from a character’s quest log if it hasn’t been turned in before it becomes unavailable during a Tuesday morning weekly reset.
        It’s not going to be removed just it won’t carry over from week to week.
        Right. So if the quest is available 3 weeks in a row and you pick it up during the first week, it won’t be removed from the quest log unless you turn it in, at which point you can pick it up the next week it’s available. The quest itself will continue to exist.
      • By Starym
        Day 1 of the race may have technically been uneventful, but it was plenty important. Crucible was expected to be a very quick race, with the NA advantage proving insurmountable due to the raid's assumed short duration. The Restless Cabal is aiming to disprove that theory, as it's been resisting NA top guilds' best attempts. Limit, Big Dumb Guild and Wildcard Gaming have been going at it since around 5-6 PM CEST yesterday, with Limit having stopped raiding at 8 AM today.
        The best we've seen so far has been Limit's 9% on Fa’thuul (the big guy) and 7% on Zaxasj (mr. purple beard) and they stopped at a very round 130 tries total. Big Dumb Guild were actually ahead of Limit for a long time, getting the bosses down to an 18% average very early in the day, but were quickly surpassed. Wildcard Gaming was also going for it, finishing up at 11/28% as their best. Limit's tries have had a very specific raid composition from very early on, with 10 Priests, 8 of them Shadow, which is interesting because they were actually nerfed earlier today. Melees are sitting this one out almost completely, with only a solitary Demon Hunter, played by GM and RL Max. They're hitting the enrage with several people dead, as you can see from their best try below:

        While some think the boss is overtuned, due to Ion Hazzikostas stating the encounter should be on par with Mekkatorque (56 tries for Limit) and Rastakhan (15 tries) from Dazar'alor, it seems pretty well tuned to me, at least for the very top guilds. There is a possibility it's not actually killable at the moment, but we won't know that for a while yet and hopefully Blizzard don't nerf it quite yet. Obviously they'll have to eventually, if Method and other top guilds also struggle this hard against them, basically all other Mythic guilds won't really stand a chance.
        Method will be starting their progress soon and we'll see whether the Cabal are really that well/hard/over tuned or if Limit's strat and comp are a little off. In any case we'll probably be seeing a whole lot of Shadow Priests and few melee, unless Method's strategy is vastly different from Limit's.
        The race for the Crucible is on and we may have a real one on our hands, which is really exciting!

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