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See You Later Dynamic Bundle

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Blizzard is soon retiring 3 mounts, pets, and helms that can be purchased as part of the See You Later Bundle until January 6.

The bundle costs 49.95 EUR // USD and includes:

According to the shop description, items in the bundle will enter hibernation on January 6, meaning they won't be available in the shop until further notice. The bundle is dynamic, which means the bundle's total price will be reduced if you already own one or more items from the bundle.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

Go big. Save bigger.

This limited-time bundle includes all pets, mounts, and helms that are about to enter hibernation in the Blizzard Archive on January 6, 2019. Get them all now, in one fell swoop, before it’s too late!*

Add to Your Collection


Three cheeky companions

Welcome Lil’ XT, Cenarion Hatchling, and Moonkin Hatchling into your pet collection. Includes both the Horde and Alliance version of the Moonkin Hatchling.


Three remarkable mounts

Ride into the sunset with the Grinning Reaver, Armored Bloodwing, and Swift Windsteed. Each of these mounts will travel as fast as your riding skill will take you.


Three imposing helms

Add some extra “oomph” to your transmogrified outfits with the icy Crown of Eternal Winter, the fiery Jewel of the Firelord, and the demonic Hood of Hungering Darkness. Hand wash separately.

  • Items in the See You Later Bundle will enter hibernation on January 6, 2019 and will no longer be available in the Blizzard® Shop or in-game shop (until further notice). These items may return at some point in the future.
  • This is a dynamic bundle, which means the bundle’s total price will be reduced if you already own one or more of the items this bundle contains. Log in to see your price.
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    Artificial scarcity strikes again, unless you are a hardcore mount and pet collector, it's not worth buying. Have in mind that these might eventually return.

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    1 hour ago, Arcling said:

     Have in mind that these might eventually return.

    Even if they return, they will be alot more expensive than it is with each single pricereduction now. 

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    6 minutes ago, Rooach said:

    Nope, 3 helmets for 5 and i wouldve bought them but like this? Not a single penny

    i didnt watched the helmets (also because im not interested in them), but the pets in this bundle are also reduced if you buy them one by one. This means 5 instead of 15 for example. I didnt checked it yet if that is the case with helmets as well, but im sure you can do that on your own. ?

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    2 hours ago, Arcling said:

    Artificial scarcity strikes again, unless you are a hardcore mount and pet collector, it's not worth buying. Have in mind that these might eventually return.

    They are a granted addition to the Black Market Auction House.

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    3 hours ago, Arcling said:

    Artificial scarcity strikes again, unless you are a hardcore mount and pet collector, it's not worth buying. Have in mind that these might eventually return.

    At an inflated price, no doubt.  Hahaha

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    On the EU Servers, they are flogging this thing at £40.00, down from £123.00.

    As to whether this is "worth it" or not, all depends on your needs. I mean, is mount collecting something you enjoy, and if so do "purchase" mounts even count for that? Maybe you are into Pet Battles, and like the idea of using the ones on offer in this bundle. Or perhaps you are just a Fashionista - assuming these even count towards the collection requirement..

    I spent about 5 minutes, and looked into it. Apart from the new Vulpine Familiar, all the mounts are currently on sale. Most of them, the three in this bundle included, are going for £9.50, down from £19.00 the only exception being the Warforged Nightmare, which is £13.50 down from £27.00 because it's a special snowflake mount. The pets are all on sale at £4.50, down from £9.00 except for the latest one, the Whomper, which retains it's full price; and the helmets are all on sale at £4.00, down from £13.00

    To buy these items individually at their current sale price, would cost you £54.00, so the bundle does save you £14.00 - effectively getting the hats for free. 

    So, are you a mount collector? Then what you really should ask yourself is, are at least two of these mounts something I would have bought at full price? If the answer is yes, then you this is a good deal - you would be paying £38 for two mounts previously. For just an extra £2.00 you're getting a third mount, some pets and the transmog as a bonus.

    And if you are you a pet collector? Well, if you wouldn't say no to shelling out the money for these pets at full price, you're paying a little more than the mount collecter for the "bonus." The pets would have cost you £27.00, leaving a £13.00 difference. If at least one of the mounts is something you might have purchased, then you're golden. Otherwise, you're effectively paying the extra for something you essentially don't want, or need.

    If transmog is your only passion, then you might better off just looking for the sales, and forking over £12.00 for shiny hats. You still save a whopping £21.00, but you won't be shelling out £28.00 for shinnies you aren't really into. 

    As for this being a "last chance" well that's likely down to later demand. If there's enough people asking for them back at a later date, you can be sure they will be making a comeback - but probably back at the original, full price. Pleas also bare in mind that since most of the other shop stuff is also in the sales, if you have a preference for something other than in this deal, you should check those out instead.

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