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Restauration Druid mythic +

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Hello everyone.
I haven't played since WoD and I come back with my favorite character, a restauration druid.

First of all, I would like to do thoose mythic + donjon.
I understand with the class guide on icy veins that haste and masteries are the best secondary stats for a restauration druid in a dungeon since you can stack the hots on your ally easily.
However, I have some issues understanding the whole thing with mastery. So, I write here asking you guys here for some help.

To improve your mastery, you have to put the maximum amont of HoTs in the shortest period of time. So, mastery synergize very well with hast.
Here in the guide, we have the list of all HoTs that proc mastery.
Here are my questions :
Does the azerite trait Grove Tending replace the healing of Swiftmend, or is it an additionnal effect after the initial heal ?

The azeite trait Concentrated mending does not figure in the list. Does it not work with mastery ?

The enchantment Coastal Surge is clearly a hot. Does it not work with mastery ? Does it proc only the moment you put a spell on your ally or can it proc on every time a hot tick ?

How many mastery points do you need to reach 10% healing bonus with the mastery ?

If I take Photosynthesis, I have to keep lifeseed on myself right ? So, considering I will take Grove Tending no matter what, is rampant growth worth it (assuming I use it on the tank with clearcasting procs) with Photosynthesis in dungeons, instead of Tradewinds or Incite the Pack ?

Is there any other HoT that can proc with the mastery ?

I thank you all for you answers and i wish you a merry christmas.




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Only resto spells should work so no concentrated mending or coastal surge (or any other hot heal thats not tied to resto spells). On the other hand, grove tending adds the hot portion to the spell after initial flat heal and the hot does increase mastery.

Coastal surge is totally random.

Photosynt, keep it on tank most of the time since he is the one taking majority of damage, put it on yourself when group-wide damage is starting to ramp up. Rampant growth is cool, it will hit your tank when you just need to spot heal single hit, increasing the power of your hots and letting you damage more.

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1. Grove Tending works in addition to the Swiftmend base heal, and it counts as a Harmony stack.

2. Concentrated Mending does not provide a stack of Harmony. I believe it does benefit from the bonus healing of Harmony though. Same with Coastal Surge. The reason these don't count as Harmony stacks is because they are not Druid-specific healing spells.

3. 119 Mastery Rating = 1% Mastery. 620 Mastery Rating will provide 5.2% Mastery in addition to the 4.8% baseline.

4. Photosynthesis on whoever takes sustained damage (most likely the tank), only put it on yourself if several people need healing. Personally I would always go with Germanition, especially when focusing on Mastery. Let's say you have 15% Mastery and the added healing from the double Rejuv, that will likely outperform Photosynthesis and you can keep Lifebloom on the target that actually needs it instead of overhealing yourself.

5. Rampant Growth is actually even worse with Photosynthesis. The free HoT is kinda pointless in a 5 man dungeon and likely just wasted into overhealing, and the bonus heal isn't worth it either compared to the Mastery buffs of Incite the Pack or Tradewinds.

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