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Need help to improve my gear/dps

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Hey guys, I finnished my first SoO in LFR today.. But my overall DPS during the raid was really low compared to other affliction warlocks..


Here is my profile:



I really don't know if my gems/reforges are right.. I've tried to reach the first haste breakpoint but i couldn't, so I don't know if I should reforge everything to mastery instead of trying to get haste.


I got some logs too.. But only from the last 3 fights (I died on the last attempt of the blackfuse fight... So my dps was REALLY LOW on that fight xD)




The rotation I'm trying to do is CoE > Jade Serpent + DS: Mastery > Souburn: Soulswap 2 times > Haunt > Malefic Grasp.


Sometimes i feel like i'm refreshing the dots too early, or using my haunts the wrong way.. I always refresh my dots when I get some trinket/lightweave pro, and spam haunts if I have both procs.


I must be doing something wrong.. Even when I'm training my dps on Orgrimmar I barely reach 75/80k dps on Recount..


Thanks in advance for your help and your time.. And sorry about the poor english.



PS: If I missed anything on the infos you guys need just ask me and I'll do my best to give that info for you

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I need to leave the house in like 5 minutes so I won't go over logs yet.


Your opener is just terrible though. 


You need to use your potion BEFORE you enter combat. That way it only goes on a 60 second cooldown and doesn't get locked out, allowing you to use a second one where needed (generally sub 20% with dark soul and a trinket proc).


Your opener should go: prepot at 2 seconds and cast haunt > CoE > Soulburn: Soulswap > Malefic Grasp x2 to make everything proc > Dark Soul + Soulburn: Soulswap to get your maximum strength dots up > Haunt > Spam Malefic Grasp whilst maintaining haunt debuff until your super buffed Agony has fallen off.


These opening dots should not be refreshed until they are falling off as they are going to be at their strongest and you want to get every tick out of them.


Following on from that you don't have any stacking or short duration trinkets, so for the rest of the fight just refresh your dots manually. Jade spirit and lightweave aren't much to write home about so only refresh in Pandemic range unless you get a FCoR proc where you'll want to refresh asap and can mayyyyybe do a soulburn: soulswap as it expires but for the most part save shards exclusively for haunt. Generally hover around 3 shards making sure to never cap at 4 but always saving some ready for dark soul.


Regarding gear... Your gear is super bad (and missing a lot of gems/enchants) so you don't have much to work with. I would probably bump up your haste to at least 4717 for the extra tick of corruption, which can help with shard generation. For Affliction I like to balance haste and mastery as they scale nicely together but Mastery is generally your 'best stat' across the board.


Having said all that... Unless you REALLY want to play Affliction, if you care about doing the most dps for your raid then you will want to play Destruction. Your reforging and whatever is fine for that and for the most part doesn't really matter anyway. Max out mastery as much as you can and do whatever you want with haste/crit. The difference at 572 ilvl for me is within 500 dps when changing the stats around by like 5k so yeah...

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No worries.

I took a quick peek at your logs and noticed two things.

First, you had low uptime on your dots. Some even undet 90%. This means you allowed your dots to fall off for more than a split second and that's bad. Agony falling off is the worst part though. I'd say make this your practice aim for the next week, to have as close to 100% uptime on your dots as possible.

Secondly you used rain of fire as affliction. Never do this. Either soul swap your dots or spam seed of corruption depending on the situation.

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