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I have recently geared my Ele shaman as an alt. It's already 375 ilvl but I am not satisfied with my DPS in M+. I use the talent shown in Icy-veins Shaman Guide but why my DPS is so low. My gears are not that bad but I am confused.

What are the best trinkets for M+?

What is the best Staff ?

What are the stat Priorities ?

Here is my link so that you can see my items and stuff. I would be grateful if you can help me out.

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Are we talking AoE, Single Target, or both? Have you run some simulations to see what DPS your character with your current gear should be capable of? If not, please do the following:

1. Import your character to raidbots (best done with the simulationcraft addon, can be found in the twitch app or on curseforge)

2. run a quicksim; go into simulation options; smart sim, dungeon slice

3. compare that to your overall DPS at the end of a dungeon run

(Dungeon Slice is still in Beta. Alternatively you can run with Target Dummy, 4 bosses, and compare that to fighting the dummies in Dazar'alor)

If the numbers aren't off by much, then it's worth looking at your gear. Otherwise, you might wanna work on your rotation.

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Storm, Earth and Lava is a really good specific breakdown for ele shaman in particular. Lots of specific tips for m+. I value icefury a little higher than they do, only because the on demand burst tends to serve me better and the increase to mobility is very nice as well.

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