The Underrot +15 Cleared in Time by 5 Tanks

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With an average item level of 382.4, <sorry champ> of Frostmourne (US) managed to clear Underrot + 15 in time with a group of five tanks of different classes.

The group finished the clear in 31 minutes and 43 seconds, with 1 minute and 17 seconds remaining on the timer. Congratulations! You can find more details about the run such as talent picks, Azerite powers, and trinkets over at


Team Composition

Video (Protection Warrior PoV)


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Awesome vid makes me nostalgic from when I use to play Aion where team compositions would be all Gladiators, Templars, Clerics, or Chanters for Dredgion Runs.

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Tbh these guys know what they're  doing. 

Most people don't, and this is still a feat of strength and proof of great mastery of their class 🙂

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