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Heroes of the Storm Imperius

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3 hours ago, Guest KappaMan said:

Would be nice if there was one ?

The thread should have been hidden until we released the guide, which we did like 2 hours ago ?

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I played a couple games vs the AI and he did a good amount of damage.  I went all Q build and I wasn't that impressed with the build though.  First off, the Q can be tricky to land as you can do it at someone directly in front of you and miss (he sort of steps thru them before stabbing).  Second, the quest aspect on Q is hard with a small hitbox on it.  I still did double the AI's dmg (our assassins) and won quite easily, but I wouldn't do the build again.  Really it needs to hit anyone within the max range along the path.  I should not be able to get the path right, and be too close to hit someone.  Maybe it is because I had quick cast on, I don't know what the hitbox looks like without quick cast on.  Is it more of an AOE denotation rather than a range radius?

The Q is simply to unreliable.  Even with a totally Q based build (I did take your level 4 talent), and I took the other heroic to test it out...he still had decent sustain.  So I can imagine it being quite nice with the build you posted.  I did get interrupted once doing the slam heroic, which was annoying...it doesn't lower the CD like most other channeling heroics do.  For that reason alone it isn't worth taking IMO, even for the disruption.  The range isn't THAT great on it anyway.


That being said, I'll try this build out.  He was fun to play, even with all the situational talents I picked (I wanted to try them out for myself).

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Guest Imperial

After a few games of.. Well, admittedly, quick match.. I found his Wrath of the Angiris talent very useful at level 10. Combined with the level 20 talent and the cleave.. It's actually a very good combination. Even though it's significantly harder to utilize. Perhaps turn the big old X into a question mark, it does work very well, albeit in certain situations.

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Was able to try Imperius tonight and I have to agree with the build posted pretty much 100%.  Imperius really wants to just wade into the enemy with his fire armor on and swinging his spear around like a crazy man and the posted build does that perfectly.  A simple yet effective build and there is nothing wrong with that.

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Haven't tried out Imperius myself, but played with and against him in nearly 100% of my quick matches, he (from both team) almost always tops the hero damage within his team. 

Some thoughts on talents: (I don't remember the talents' names)

That W talent on 7 is pure trash. It looks like the laser from the Triglav Protector, but the damage is hilariously low. The Q talent on 7 is also bad: you have to use W to mark the enemy first, and NOT consuming the mark, then hit them with your Q. Not only it's way too complicated, but it also promotes inflexible and sub-optimal ability usage. 

Wrath of the Angiris is yet another flashy, but impractical heroic. Thinking about Falling Sword, Planet Cracker and Deadly Charge.

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Guest Davi leBronze cames

I played a lot of QM with Imperius, and I prefer the Q build when it's suitable. A tips for aiming better with Q, its to use W immediatly before (the slowing effect help a lot), just like Lunara. Because of that, I wanted to share that the Q talent at 7 just fit naturally with that way of connecting Q.

I didnt find in Blizzard forum where to say the improvement that should be made, if someone know better.

On 1/11/2019 at 10:54 AM, ShadowerDerek said:

That W talent on 7 is pure trash.

For that talent, I hoped (in Try mode) that after 2 second, if it touch an hero it would trig another valorous brand after you basic attack between. Nope, so it's clearly suboptimal. But I think it would at least buff it if it did.

My other concern is Wrath of the Angiris, you can pass wall or obstacle for lifting an hero, but once you are in the sky! you are not even able to pass over your own wall. That's so unflavorfull! They need to fix that.

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Guest Luraman

The biggest trick missing here, is that his Q can be used to jump over many walls, allowing for a sneaky escape or a surprise attack

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