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Just want to say thanks to This site.

I'm new to hearthstone, although played it a little a couple of years back, only really got into it in the last couple of months.

The site is just right for me, good info on basic decks for each  hero, and explanations!!!! (a lot of sites say 'Play this' and don't explain why).

As I have a go at each hero I read how to set-up the basic deck and the why's and wherefors, and though I may lose (experiance, lack of) after a few games I see the point of the deck and... usually... start getting some wins.

My only gripe maybe is to suggest a very first deck set-up (i.e. before lvl10), where you have literally the login start up setup only (and thus what to play instead of those lvl 10 cards).

However equally so as it is relatively quick, even with losing, to get to lvl 10 from scratch I can see it might be considered pointless. My argument against that is, you start with the best lin-up you can, and swapping in the right cards as you level, can only help you get the hang of the deck better.  I.E. I set up my level 1 deck, but had to guess what to use to replace the cards I hadn't got in connection with the lvl10 build. Which is where the explanation of how to play the deck came in handy to some degree, but I expect I still made a bad choice here and there.

Anyway, that's my comment,


Thank you again I.V.




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